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  1. alexfenton

    Player Watch #21 Errol Gulden - born to play

    Gryan Miers is already the Messi of the AFL though?
  2. alexfenton

    News New Jumpers for 2024

    Fingers crossed though that Nike get it right for us next season for the club’s 150th anniversary, just as New Balance did for the Saints this year. They nailed each one of their guernseys imo, not just the ‘66 premiership one with the collar but the 150 logo, half back HCB, Indigenous, all of...
  3. alexfenton

    Resource Gold Coast Suns Rebrand

    Yeah I think that line needs to change too. Tbh I like the azure blue as a subtle tertiary colour and as the main colour in a clash/alternate guernsey, but to have it mentioned in the song is just pointless and makes it sound like their colours are equal parts red gold and blue which they...
  4. alexfenton

    Portfolio Giving the AFL clubs uniform kits / redesigns (image heavy thread)

    What does the Collingwood Clash provide that the Home does not? If another team clashed with the Pies home, how would said clash be eliminated by this ‘Clash’ kit?
  5. alexfenton

    Workshop Jumper Ideas For 2024

    My faves here are Sydney, Eagles, Dees, Freo and Port. Nice work, hope every club can do a Gather Round guernsey next year.
  6. alexfenton

    Discussion Grand Final Matchups 2023 - What will your team wear?

    See I don’t think that’s an accurate analogy though, with respect. With Collingwood’s white away uniform, including the shorts obviously, it absolutely creates ample contrast with all other clubs wearing dark-based home uniforms. Only exceptions are Geelong (and North), so the solution is quite...
  7. alexfenton

    Discussion Grand Final Matchups 2023 - What will your team wear?

    Imagine if Carlton actually had to wear this horrid clash in a GF. Yuck. Wish the league could just scrap the whole white shorts for “away” team only, and scrap the stupid rule of team finishing higher on ladder getting to wear full home kit. As if Collingwood with home top with white shorts is...
  8. alexfenton

    Workshop Jumper Ideas For 2024

    Agreed. Definitely original PBs for showdowns though, can’t see a good reason why not. But I personally love the addition of teal any other time, really pops and looks nice imo just aesthetically. At least they still have OG prison bars in the SANFL, all is not lost, it’s just the Collingwood...
  9. alexfenton

    Discussion Every AFL Team Needs a White Guernsey

    GWS home vs Hawks away - Never Surrender, Hawks in gold w white shorts Hawthorn home vs GWS away - ‘Legends’ or all brown home inverse, Giants in orange w white shorts Simple solution
  10. alexfenton

    Discussion Every AFL Team Needs a White Guernsey

    In fairness Hawthorn’s white shorts and number panel are the main things preventing a noticeable clash. Still kinda clashy though and moving around in play, not the easiest on the eyes watching the broadcast
  11. alexfenton

    Discussion Every AFL Team Needs a White Guernsey

    Sick video but yeah if you were to lay out a complete guernsey matrix i.e. every home and away matchup possible for each team, you’d be able to address the few clashes there are without requiring half the teams to bring in a new white guernsey. Admittedly you would run into some clashes if the...
  12. alexfenton

    Portfolio AFL X Puma - No White Shorts Concept

    p.s. Tassie’s ‘clash’ is awesome too, looks classy. Reminds me of an idea I had a while ago for GC’s wave guernsey—the gradient azure background fading lighter going down, and the wave’s colour having the same gradient but going the other way, kind of resembling a wave’s blue gradient against...
  13. alexfenton

    Portfolio AFL X Puma - No White Shorts Concept

    Teams with white as secondary or tertiary colours look fine with white shorts and actually makes the most sense. Only teams that I hate wearing white shorts are Essendon and Melbourne w their royal blue away guernsey, because with these kits it’s almost like they’re wearing St Kilda colours...
  14. alexfenton

    Discussion Round 18, 2023: Photos and Discussion

    North v Hawks, has always puzzled me why Hawthorn sometimes go with white shorts with their brown “clash”/away kit which is dark. And playing against North whose home kit is essentially majority white-based (despite the royal blue home shorts). I’m sure if Hawthorn wore brown shorts the...
  15. alexfenton

    Preview Round 16 - Friday night lights Swans v Cats, Season defining game SCG, 7:50pm 30th June

    I think Fox should start on, either in place of Melican or Francis, was one of the few who stood up for us in the GF. Just tryna think who our Sub should be though? If it’s gonna be a dewy slippery night like it was v Saints then we can’t go with a tall for the sub like we did with Amartey, that...
  16. alexfenton

    Game Day 2023 Non-Swans Game Day

    Let’s hope Collingwood don’t do another Collingwood in the last qtr. Pies W a better result for us ladder wise but at this point I don’t think I’d be able to stand another week of the media going nuts over the “comeback kings”
  17. alexfenton

    Portfolio Halving the Victorian part of the AFL.

    Okay this one’s not too bad a hypothetical concept, nice balance between the two looks/identities. (side note, I would love to see that chrome jaguar logo get used for the Dees guernsey sponsor, looks sick)
  18. alexfenton

    Portfolio Halving the Victorian part of the AFL.

    Crom and Port merger next up? That would go down smoothly
  19. alexfenton

    Discussion Round 14, 2023: Photos and Discussion

    They could get away with full home kit too, they have before. Red has never really clashed with Brissy’s home and rarely clashes with any of the other teams bar the Suns Sent from my iPhone using
  20. alexfenton

    Discussion Tasmania AFL Jumper Design

    Definitely. Will need to be truly unique from all other teams. No more yokes, sashes, Vs, or the typical stripes—although the one-side double stripe design was a nice one and unique enough imo, being traditional (appropriate for Tassie, being a state with a rich Aus rules history) but not a...
  21. alexfenton

    Workshop Jumper Ideas For 2024

    I love this idea, I’d wanted to see something like this too. Gives them more identity to what they have now which is a lot like Brisbane’s front design template. Suggestions I’d make would be to keep the full orange back with charcoal numbers (may as well, coz the white numbers on orange...
  22. alexfenton

    No Oppo Supporters 2023 General AFL Discussion - incl. AFL Grand Final

    Parker has to appeal. How did his defence not use those images showing the arm was not pinned? Clearly this guy was his lawyer: Sent from my iPhone using
  23. alexfenton

    Resource Gold Coast Suns Rebrand

    Didn’t mind this idea (can’t remember who designed this one sorry) See I think their logo does suck but if it’s simplified to more of a monogram type thing and incorporated how it is here, it looks much better. Might be an unpopular opinion but I really rate the more OG logo with the rays on...
  24. alexfenton

    Workshop Jumper Ideas For 2024

    Nice work. I feel like having charcoal with white numbers instead of the number panel would be more effective as a home jumper though, avoiding clashes with predominately light/white opposition away jumpers? Panel would just cause similar issues as their current full orange back. E.g. this with...
  25. alexfenton

    Game Day 2023 Round 07 - Swans v GWS Saturday 2:10 pm @ SCG

    I feel like Hayward kicked the same snap goal from that same spot in the GF, and last week, early in both those games… slight deja vu for me Sent from my iPhone using
  26. alexfenton

    Discussion Jumper design ideas for teams 19 and 20 (Tas & Canberra?)

    So just the fingers of the average Tasmanian folk.. got it Sent from my iPhone using
  27. alexfenton

    Discussion Jumper design ideas for teams 19 and 20 (Tas & Canberra?)

    What are the lines/design meant to be? [emoji848] looks good Sent from my iPhone using
  28. alexfenton

    News New Jumpers for 2023

    I’m not even being sarcastic—this is one of the best clash/alt guernseys I’ve ever seen. Many will say it’s way too dated and corny early noughties, but I feel like this aesthetic is lowkey cool again and has a weird kind of new appreciation. Waiting for Port to bring it back one day even though...
  29. alexfenton

    Workshop Jumper Ideas For 2023

    Gold Coast’s main kit only clashes with Sydney (both red). They honestly only really need a clash kit for away vs the Swans, and away vs GWS I guess with the Giants’ back of the jumper being orange but a charcoal back for the Giants would solve that issue. But an azure/sky blue top with white...
  30. alexfenton

    Discussion What's on your '2023 jersey change' wishlist?

    Away against Brisbane would present a clash with Brissy’s maroon though (dark v dark). Apart from that one I think I agree. Otherwise the Cats could theoretically just wear white guernsey w/ white shorts all the time for both home and away as there’d never truly be much of a clash with other...