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  1. whelan=legend

    The images of beijing

    Greece waterpolo player :thumbsu:
  2. whelan=legend

    Olympic Basketball Thread

    Batkovic = biggest hack ever. Dunno if we can get back in this.
  3. whelan=legend

    Television Coverage Bitch thread (Part 2 - Winter Olympics Ready)

    Re: Television coverage bitch thread Now they show it live. SHOULDA SHOWN THE HOLE THING FFS
  4. whelan=legend

    Mens Swimming - Beijing 2008

    Rickard second in 100m breaststroke semi
  5. whelan=legend

    Womens Swimming - Beijing 2008

    Finally we get a gold!
  6. whelan=legend

    2008 Beijing Olympic Games

    Rawlinson out AGAIN. Suprise.
  7. whelan=legend

    2008 Beijing Olympic Games

    Starts in about a Month:thumbsu: All random discussion can go here.