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    Speculation Will Phillips

    You are aware north didn't have access to Cadman? In doing that trade they landed 1 gun and a 200 game inside mid. and of course logan was a fight risk post covid. they backed in a guy who has elite inside game, hardly a miss even looking at it now. you can point to the mistakes north have...
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    Speculation Will Phillips

    So north has a bad culture and environment yet they should of taken mcdonald who was seen as a flight risk ? haha cadman isn't a tall marking forward the coach even said on radio he is going to be a cameron type clone, none of them are fixing anything at north. On phillips i'd argue he is being...
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    Restricted Free Agent Cam Zurhaar [2024 RFA?]

    funny thing is the eye test tells you a player like will hayward is way better no wonder clubs are throwing money around than you check stats with cam and it's like oh, in a rebuilding team too Not sure 5 years is a good deal for north in saying that, after the deals they have done recently...
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    Unrestricted Free Agent David Cuningham [UFA 2024]

    No chance north would even think about it, a player like mazda can't get a gig in that HF high wing role no chance. even WC would back in Petruccelle to perform even long in time. Didn't carlton even leave the signing till late last year, reckon he is 50/50 to be on a list next year
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    Club Focus North Melbourne 2024

    They have that guy coming back in next week charlie comben who than frees up pink/corr/dawson. they are all new players (to AFL) so they just need game time together. funny enough i think there list is tracking well they just need to fast track the youth so lazzo,tucker.shields are not bestt...
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    Cameron Rayner

    was played as a 3rd/2nd tall even bulked up. think he played his role really well all year. (port final) will move into the mid group soon enough he wants too. going aswell as you can coming from a 12 month knee injury..
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    Pick 4 on the table?

    100 percent on! no club is ever going to let a bid be that close. same as clubs like mine bringing in extra points just in case a team bids early. funny enough carlton we're so keen on henry they would of bid on him no matter where they had a pick. also some clubs saw tom green as pick 2 or 3...
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    Review 2022's Unlucky Names

    Ethan Phillips.poor guy thought for sure he was going to get a gig