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  1. x_les_x

    Schulz Tackle on Ted Richards

    All i will say is watch the knees and use of legs in both incidents. Schulz barely plants his feet in the tackle which suggests one conitinuous motion. Gibbs slows halfway through his tackle plants his feet and bends his knee than continuing with the tackle thus the second motion. Im as...
  2. x_les_x

    Gibbs tackle on Gray

    So now its gray fault for knocking himself out due to him weighing 84kgs. Its anybody and everbody elses fault beside bryce gibbs' gr8 b8 m8
  3. x_les_x

    Gibbs tackle on Gray

    Didnt know "a thousand" players get knocked out every week that would be strange having no players on the field. I normally count 36 on the field and 8 on the benches. :rolleyes: He gets 3 weeks down to 2 if he accepts the guilty plea, thats the reality of it. Whether he wants to challange it...
  4. x_les_x

    Smedts and Ballantyne: How many weeks?

    Smedts taking a page out of this guys book