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    AFLPA push for 6 year free agency status, reject trading without consent

    However most people are not employed in the defence forces. Most work in organisations where they are free to move to advance their career prospects if they choose to do so. Likening the AFL and its' constituent clubs as being in some way similar to the defence forces doesn't reflect the...
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    AFLPA push for 6 year free agency status, reject trading without consent

    Everyone seems to overlook the fact that when players are drafted they have no say in where they end up ( except for father / son, academy picks etc. Having served 6 years at a particular club is it unreasonable to have a choice in where they play the second half of their career.
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    AFLPA push for 6 year free agency status, reject trading without consent

    The players want shorter free agency qualifying period and they will get it. The well managed clubs will learn to deal with it to their advantage, and others will take longer. Most fans won't like it but most are resistant to change.
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    Trades that left you speechless

    We still have all our picks in 2017 other than the first round which we traded to St. Kilda. Most draft pundits rate him as a fourth round pick but obviously time will tell. However it is hypothetical really as he will stay in Adelaide unless the Crows don't want him.
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    Trades that left you speechless

    Jarman is yet to nominate a club and is considered likely to be bid on third round at best. If he nominates Hawthorn we can take him by going into deficit if we feel he is worth it. My feeling is if the Crows are interested he will nominate them as the Jarmans all seem to be very parochial. If...
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    Congratulatiosn Hawthorn.

    The Eagles are a great team and it is to their credit that they have supporters who are so gracious in defeat. I love watching the Eagles and Bulldogs play exciting footy and I hope both have the ultimate success in the next few years.
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    Robbo's 2015 end of season Top 50, Opinions?

    Betts ahead of Wingard and Rioli! No list manager would pick Eddie ahead of those sublime talents.
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    Cyril, Wingard, Betts - pick one

    Wingard and Rioli are superstars. Eddie is a talented small forward but not in the same stratosphere as the other two.
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    Your favourite ever indigenous player?

    Polly Farmer, Barry Cable and Andrew MacLeod.
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    Opinion Geelong's era of dominance over

    Geelong finished third and is still in contention. The fact that they have remained on top for so long is a credit to the club, their administration and recruiting team. I have the utmost respect for the club even though they have been the Hawks main rival during recent years. Even neutral...
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    Who would you like to see win the flag besides your own

    Footscray or St. Kilda.
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    How do you stop Sydney?

    Freo, Geelong, Port and Hawthorn are all capable of beating Sydney at the MCG in September. I don't underestimate Sydney but finals are a different challenge to H and A games.
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    Port Adelaide are a wonderful team to watch

    To be pedantic this should be titled "Port Adelaide is a wonderful team to watch". Team is singular not plural. There endeth the lesson.
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    Repeated racism directed at Majak Daw - what can be done?

    The AFL and clubs must continue to publicly condemn racism and racist comments. Banning offenders from AFL games for lengthy periods should also continue. How any responsible adult with a child can consider racially abusing a player is difficult to comprehend. I am a long time Hawthorn...
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    Buddy's contract killing Sydney's depth?

    This situation will not improve in 4 or 5 years when Franklin is gone but his $1.1million salary lives on in the Sydney TPP Calculations. It was a high risk strategy by Sydney which may bring some short term success but will cost hugely in the second part of the contract length. They will need...
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    Should clubs receive compensation for losing a player through free agency?

    Get rid of compo picks completely. Remember the Hawks will have a huge financial war chest during the next few free agency periods and our time will come with a vengeance.
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    Luke Hodges speech

    I thought Hodge and Pavlich spoke well in the old fashioned traditions of Australian sportsmanship. I have great respect for Freo Lyon and Pavlich.
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    Ross Lyon, 0 and 4.

    Regardless of what you think of his game plan Ross Lyon is an excellent Afl coach and Freo is a worthy Grand Finalliist. Why do people find it necessary to criticise what is an enviable coaching record?
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    Brian Lake - Recruit of the year?

    Anyone who believes Lake was under rated at the Dogs does not watch enough footy. He ranks up ther with Darren Glass as the best KPD of the last decade.
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    Who would you support if your team folded and why?

    When faced with the possible amalgamation of Melbourne and Hawthorn I determined to just watch my sons play in the VAFA. Now if the Hawks folded I would just hang up my boots.
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    Who are the top 5 small forwards in the league?

    Johnson Rioli Le Cras Jetta Breust ,
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    Mega Thread Crows deal for Tippett lands them in hot water?

    Actually I have no animosity towards Sydney even after they beat us fair and square in the Grand Final. I don't even have a problem with the Sydney salary cap. In fact I have a personal interest in Sydney observing how the Xavier boys are going as my sons went to that school and know a couple of...
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    Mega Thread Crows deal for Tippett lands them in hot water?

    It will be interesting to see what the AFL makes of Sydney's role in this conspiracy.Most reasonable observers would imagine they were advised by Tippet's agent about the dodgy agreement which led them to believe they could land him with the low ball offer ( pick 22 and white) that has been...
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    Hawks - best team of 2012?

    Pretty simple really. Whoever wins the Grand Final is the best team in a particular year. Ifs and buts are just hypothetical and a waste of everyone's time.
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    Was Luke Ball mismanaged at St. Kilda?

    I don't know if he was mismanaged, but St Kilda certainly did not accord him the respect he deserved on exiting the club. I am delighted to see his resurrection as a player at Collingwood where he is thriving under Malthouse Buttifant et al. He was a champion junior footballer and looks as if...
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    Bomber "always knew" he wouldn't coach Geelong in 2011

    Geelong were big winners here. They lost a coach who was no longer interested and got a guy from a very successful club who is as keen as mustard. Scott has been very impressive so far and will only get better.
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    Collingwood draft tampering?

    Luke Ball was made to feel unwelcome at St Kilda and chose to move on. He is in fact an exceptional young man who will make a great success of his life in and after football. St Kilda's lack of respect for Luke as a result of ongoing injury problems provided an opportunity for Collingwood which...
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    Who's with Phil Cleary ?

    Re: Whos with Phil Cleary ? I don't claim to know much about this but it looks like being a PR disaster fot St Kilda and the AFL. I can't believe St Kilda can be so stupid as to go with a legal " solution" to their problem. It will only lose them the goodwill of the majority of the public. Get...
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    Thompson joins Essendon

    If you read slowly and carefully the reference was "of the decade" not of all time. Decade may be interpreted as a period of ten years which would be 2001 to 2010 ( ie the last ten football seasons). It can also mean a period of ten years from say 2000 to 2009 (commonly the noughties). Decade...
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    Thompson joins Essendon

    Wow that is an enormous demotion! From senior coach of one of the best teams of the decade to an assistant at one of the worst. That must be an enormous blow to his pride.