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  1. conrad_437

    Opinion Is Ugle-Hagan the first ever ‘strategic’ #1 pick?

    Footscray must have been very upset, they had their eye on Rowe as the Weightman replacement in the 2s. Those pesky Crows!
  2. conrad_437

    News Archie Perkins doesn’t want to leave home

    You're in such a priveliged position in comparison to most of the population yet some kids still find some ways to appear even more entitled. I understand there were rumours Bailey Smith did the same but these haven't been substantiated. Even if they were true, my opinion wouldn't change...
  3. conrad_437

    Analysis The Trade Whisperer

    You'll be using your first on Blakely this year. Not a chance in hell draft picks would get it done alone, unless you dive into Heeney and Mills, seeing as he is our best player and contracted until 2022. All this is moot anyway as this idiot is making shit up. Touch wood...
  4. conrad_437

    Revisiting the 2014 AFL draft

    Yes, but it's Adam so nothing he says can be taken seriously.
  5. conrad_437

    Finding gold - AFL draft

    Chris Grant at 105 easy
  6. conrad_437

    Revisiting the 2014 AFL draft

    Well that's it. McCartin will have a massive year now cause some journalist says he's performing well at the start of pre season.
  7. conrad_437

    2017 Draft- Your Mock Top 10

    I would say if Coffield slipped to the dogs, we would snap him up just like that. Also, we are verging on top-heavy in our defence with Morris (190) Cordy (192) Trengove (197) and Adams (192) established best 22 defenders. Would be very surprised if we took another key defender.
  8. conrad_437

    Underagers Watch (2018 Draft and Beyond)

    Heard a lot about him as I live around his sort of area, never seen him play though. Is he a good chance of making it?
  9. conrad_437

    Revisiting the 2014 AFL draft

    Surprised at how low Daniel is rated.
  10. conrad_437

    Rate your 2017 list in terms of draft picks

    Right now would be a good time to use those players for draft picks.
  11. conrad_437

    Rate your 2017 list in terms of draft picks

    1+: Bont 2-5: Stringer Boyd JJ 6-10: Macrae 11-15: Liberatore Dahlhaus 16-20: Hunter (borderline) Daniel 20-30: Dunkley Wood McLean 30-40: Adams Wallis 40+: The rest (can't be bothered)
  12. conrad_437

    Rate your 2017 list in terms of draft picks

    Now that's overrating a list if I ever saw it.
  13. conrad_437

    List your teams 5 best youngsters

    1: Bontempelli 2: Boyd 3: Stringer 4: Macrae 5: Hunter You know you have a seriously good list when multiple fans rate Hunter as their fifth best young player ;)