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  1. Ants

    Mitch Brown - uncontracted?

    Out of curiousity, how are the Eagles planning to accomodate Hansen, Brown, Lynch, McKinley and Kennedy in the same side? Espescially given the number of young tall backs you have. Do you think some will be put up for trade? Bit like Hawthorn's problem with Franklin, Roughead, Williams...
  2. Ants

    Trading Daniel Kerr

    Out of curiousity, say two years from now, if you had to trade a handful of players for salary cap reasons who would they be? For example, if Lynch & Hansen improved to the point where they were among the better forwards of the comp, then I doubt you could afford both them, Glass/Hunter, AND...
  3. Ants

    Drug Problem at West Coast: Caroline Wilson

    I have heard that some WCE players were using in the current off-season on the end of season trip.
  4. Ants

    The mark to Nick Davis late in term 3..if thats mark I'll eat my hat

    I was sitting right behind the flight of that ball. It wasn't touched.
  5. Ants

    Our Next Full Forward

    Given they seem different styles, is there any reason you couldn't play both McDougal AND Hunter? After all, lots of teams have two deep tall forwards.