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  1. Ants

    Straight from Brendan Fevola's mouth

    I find it hard to believe a guy who was hated by the playing group would be made the Captain. If true it says something about Nick Stevens that he didn't get it :eek:
  2. Ants

    Cheering an Injury

    I thought Commetti's comment was funny. Whereas I didn't like the comments along the lines of "its a terrible thing to see no matter who it happens to" which implied that Benny kind of deserved it, but its so bad we won't say that. Thought that was pretty poor and out of line. And...
  3. Ants

    Worst Player/Defender in the comp

    Its possible (just possible) that someone at Essendon has figured out he's not a defender, and never will be. Since Anzac day he's been playing FF in the VFL, averaging 3-4 goals a game (and being reasonably inaccurate I believe).
  4. Ants

    Hypothetical Scenario: A family member killed by an AFL player

    It's a riduculous scenario. Because if someone accidentally kills someone else (and its public), then if someone wants to do a revenge killing its not particularly hard regardless of whether the guy is a footballer or not. Probably a bit harder if they're a footballer, as they'll protect...