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  1. VL3OJ

    Injury Christian Petracca's injury - A disgrace he was allowed to come back on the field

    An MRI will set you back $1-2m but add another $1-$2m for installation (even if it was possible) and probably around $200k-$400pa in Opex and maintenance when you have the Epworth just down the road. Look forward to forking out double for your membership if we go down that route at all grounds...
  2. VL3OJ

    The CFMEU vs the AFL

    I'm no lawyer however I believe this is blackmail under the CRIMES ACT 1958 - SECT 87 although "gain" may not be validated here however you could find a lot of people who feel this might be the case that it could be a gain. When my six year old was upset at losing, I took them to have fish n...
  3. VL3OJ

    Certified Legendary Thread RIP - Ron Barassi, the passing of a legend

    THe AFL board under Richard Goyder have been weak as piss as someone was oft to say. If we can have a new MCG stand name in a couple of days, we can have the Ronald Dale Barassi Cup for this years GF. His playing days were a little before my time, however I do remember the ABC TV show he...
  4. VL3OJ

    News Hardwick Quits as coach of Richmond: Press Conference at 10:30am Tuesday

    I love how some of the Carlton supporters are salivating like a bloke dining on liver, fava beans and a nice Chianti. Why would anyone go to a club where clearly the players regularly don't respect the coach. Perhaps Mathison's liver is a better dish to savour.
  5. VL3OJ

    News Brownlow Betting Scandal allegations - 6th Dec Police Widen Investigations

    What a load of tripe. If the three + the emergency can't have a rational discussion post game after being front and centre for two hours, then I will nominate kozi with three votes each game for an entire season
  6. VL3OJ

    News Brownlow Betting Scandal allegations - 6th Dec Police Widen Investigations

    Spot on Cripps 'n' Blue Bloods, However I would make it individual voting and tally it on the b&F night in a controlled environment to give you a final 5,4,3,2,1 for the game. There is so much disparity between 3,2,1 & 0 for a two hour game that having five players receiving votes. It lessens...
  7. VL3OJ

    News Brownlow Betting Scandal allegations - 6th Dec Police Widen Investigations

    I would prefer an amalgamation of all votes rather than selecting just one. If your vote only count every 4 weeks or so, would you consider the voting as much as you should?
  8. VL3OJ

    News Brownlow Betting Scandal allegations - 6th Dec Police Widen Investigations

    The only reason why I am shocked whilst I am sitting here is that it hasn't been announced before. In the UK, spread betting is a significant form of betting and really exotic markets have appeared... In the 90's, an English soccer team kicked the ball straight out over the side line from the...
  9. VL3OJ

    News Brownlow Betting Scandal allegations - 6th Dec Police Widen Investigations

    Vicpol have now mentioned a 32yo male from Glenroy will probably be charged on summons. He has now been released.
  10. VL3OJ

    Toast Robbie Williams - Best pre-match entertainment ever?

    Until Cosmic Psychos play Pub, Fred Negro does Thursday night crawl and until Aloi Head and the Victor Motors play "Ball...... YES", the grand final shall be incomplete, otherwise, the performance yesterday was as good as it gets.
  11. VL3OJ

    Geelong, Melbourne, Sydney, Collingwood, Fremantle, Brisbane, Richmond and Bulldogs fans - Why will your team NOT win the flag?

    Why can't we win? There are seven teams that player better quality high standard football in the finals... and one that just missed out. We can play 15 minutes of decent footy however I believe games are a little longer than that. Hopefully this post bites me on the arse
  12. VL3OJ

    Was Ian Collins really wrong for citing Chris Grant and his strike on Nick Holland in 97 ?

    Ding Ding! The karma bus has arrived Collo!
  13. VL3OJ

    News Liam Jones retires from AFL

    I give you proof ... of the Civic. The other figures quoted are a steaming pile of horse droppings however I am sure Jibroni will provide proof of these and I am happy to apologise if this is the case... but it's not.
  14. VL3OJ

    The most boring finals ever

    Not with this generation
  15. VL3OJ

    Injury Medical Sub - the first integrity check

    Knowing Dr Zimmerman, I know that Cody will be given the best medical advice which may be contrary to what the team would prefer to hear.
  16. VL3OJ

    When will the Carlton FC Arrive?

    If Teague was so dire, why hadn't he been forced to depart earlier? This is a great day for football, Teague gets a full years pay, he gets to leave a toxic environment, we get to see boring Ross Lyon make Carlton games so boring not even hard core supporters will get there and key players will...
  17. VL3OJ

    Will Tasmania get an AFL team in 2025

    The only chance is that Gold coast Suns become the Tasmanian team. The AFL will not want a 19th team for the byes and the start up of a brand new team, selecting ~two players from every other team or bolloxing the draft. Is there still an issue with the north of Tas hating the south and...
  18. VL3OJ

    Rules The new man on the mark rule is utterly ridiculous.

    They should have land mines, lots of them, if you go off the mark ... voila! I would suggest testing this thoroughly with Steve Hocking initially.
  19. VL3OJ

    News Eddie standing down at the end of next season

    Nah but Nah - When Charlie King gives you a thumping on national TV, its time to listen! Ed's first 15 years did so much for the club and AFL however his appalling comments over the last few years have spoilt all that. Had he left four or five years ago, he would have been fine. Its what Ed has...
  20. VL3OJ

    It's Happening How did you spend 6K Day?

    You need to dive into your betamax collection or perhaps U Matic stack. Failing that there should be some scrolls.
  21. VL3OJ

    NO TROLLS Collingwood Football Club is guilty of systemic racism, review finds

    I take Obeanie1's questions more as a comments and there is substance in these. One reason a board will request a costly deep dive report might be to show a jury or judge that they are honestly attempting to resolve the issue and deep down they are good people overall.
  22. VL3OJ

    VIC fans - merge, relocate or relegate?

    Personally, I would have liked to have seen a EPL style tiered system with relegation and demotion but the difference between AFL and the other leagues prevents this, perhaps back at the start of the national expansion, this may have been viable. A merger is never a 50/50 option, I've been...
  23. VL3OJ

    News Richmond's Sydney Stack and Callum Coleman-Jones arrested after brawl outside strippers bar

    How did you guess I was Robbo - was it the man boobs? The AFL should have sent Bucks back as well along with a few others and all need to remember that this is a multi million dollar gamble affecting thousands of staff and players and the AFL are just hoping that they will be COIVD free and that...
  24. VL3OJ

    News Richmond's Sydney Stack and Callum Coleman-Jones arrested after brawl outside strippers bar

    It's time to cut the cancer out and send Richmond home. The AFL has a need in 2020 and no doubt 2021 to have a freely open Queensland to play games and Richmond has sh$t in the AFL bed. Why did Richmond not monitor those more liable to cause grief (all clubs have them). This is up there with...
  25. VL3OJ

    Mega Thread Coronavirus & the AFL - Stage 4 Restrictions in Place in Vic - Part 3

    Well, the last few days have made a 17 rounds of playing each other pretty much redundant, Is it time to split the comp into two pools of Vic and Non-Vic. Finals could be the top clubs from both pools. If this outbreak is resolved then clearly we could revert to trying to play everyone once.
  26. VL3OJ

    Opinion Bring back normal length quarters or leave them as they are?

    Hopefully the AFL will come out and say OK, that was round one, unless we have to compress the games even further, we are back to full length games as of round two but logic tends not to fly. How many of us have played in appalling conditions on mud heaps in hail and snow and no one has said...
  27. VL3OJ

    Mega Thread Coronavirus & the AFL - season postponed. (Thread part 1 - cont in part 2, link in thread)

    Depending on how Australian's handle this we may see the peak around May/June and potential to re-commence after that time if the vast majority have been exposed however each capital city will have different timings. By that time, each team will have/had significant number of players affected so...