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  1. GhostofJimJess

    Jack Dyer Medal 2019

    Apologies if there's an ongoing thread somewhere about this - I haven't spotted it in when I glanced around the site. How do we think the B&F is situated at this stage for 2019? I'll have a crack at how I think the top 5 is looking with 6 rounds left up our sleeve. 1. Dion Prestia 2. Dylan...
  2. GhostofJimJess

    Ladder After Round 5?

    If Melbourne beat St Kilda, Richmond beat Sydney, Adelaide beat Gold Coast, Bulldogs beat Carlton, Freo beat GWS and Hawthorn beat Geelong - all very possible results - the ladder will have 13 teams all equal together on top with 12 premiership points. Unprecedented evenness?
  3. GhostofJimJess

    New iPhone Battery

    I've upgraded my own iPhone which means my teenage son is the lucky recipient of my old iPhone 5S. Is there a way I can get him sorted for a new battery for this iPhone, given that the current one tends to go flat in a few hours? I'm not tech savvy myself, but would welcome any recommendations...
  4. GhostofJimJess

    Online Grand Final Audio

    So I'm up to my fourth re-watching of Saturday's match and starting to think I would've like to have heard the ABC, SEN, MMM, 3AW etc coverages. Anyone know of online access to these calls so I can synch in with the recorded TV coverage? Cheers, Ghost
  5. GhostofJimJess

    Some Observations

    Might be some other posters that have pointed the following out but I'm just too hungover to trawl through it all, so i'll throw a few observations of mine from the last month or two of the season. 1) We lost to no team the second time we played them this year. That includes everyone - the two...
  6. GhostofJimJess

    Good Will In Footy

    I don't think there's a single AFL footy supporter, player or coach who likes the "Centre circle + 50 meters" rule for a simple interchange infringement, yet everyone realises that the rule needs to exist in some form. I don't want my team to ever win due to this rule, and I sure as hell don't...
  7. GhostofJimJess

    Love/Hate - Season 4

    Can't see any other thread dedicated to the latest season of Love/Hate, so need to start one just in tribute to how magnificent this show continues to be. I wasn't sure where they were going to go given the way that Season 3 concluded last year, but it's stepped up to an even more impressive...
  8. GhostofJimJess

    Star Wars Double Trilogy

    Got a semi-serious question for the many Star Wars aficionados on this board. I'm about to introduce my 10 year old son to the double trilogy over the next few weeks and was wondering the best order to attack it from. I've seen all six of the films, spread over about a 30 year period, but the...
  9. GhostofJimJess

    Bob Mould Tour Cancelled

    Bitterly disappointing. Tickets were supposed to go on sale today for his March 13 gig at The Corner, where Bob Mould and band were to play live the magnificent landmark Sugar album "Copper Blue" (and hopefully some Husker Du and solo stuff). No explanation as yet for the cancellation, and...
  10. GhostofJimJess

    The 5 Greatest Football Traditions

    Each footy code has its own special idiosyncrasies, whether they be supporter-generated over a long period of time, or contrived from within the club for marketing purposes. We have numerous traditions in Australian Rules, whether it be the guernseys, the club songs or other unique...
  11. GhostofJimJess

    Friday Night Football

    Having lived in the UK and Ireland for a number of years during the last decade, I was always intrigued by the EPL's reluctance to fixture matches on Friday nights. There always seems to be a League One or Blue Square match scheduled during this timeslot, but never a Premier League match...
  12. GhostofJimJess

    Chris Cornell

    Still coming down from the magnificent Chris Cornell show last Wednesday at The Palais. By Jesus that bloke is one hell of a talented performer. If I could sing, which I most definitely cannot, I would choose to sing like Cornell. Two and a half hours, over thirty songs (from his immense back...
  13. GhostofJimJess

    Can The Hawks Do It Again?

    There appears to be a few parallels that can be drawn between this season and 2008. Firstly, only the most ardent Hawk supporter would deny that theirs was not the best team over that season. Probably second best, but the gap between the Hawks and the Bulldogs was closer than between the Hawks...
  14. GhostofJimJess

    Dead Kennedys

    Billboard Melb 6th April. No Jello, no Ghost.
  15. GhostofJimJess

    Champions League Question?

    If either Tottenham or Chelsea happen to win the Champions League this year (thereby earning automatic qualification for next season), and finish 5th in the League, does the EPL potentially qualify five clubs for CL berths in 2011/12? And if so, does 3rd place have to go through qualification...
  16. GhostofJimJess

    10 Most Disappointing EPL Players Of 2010-2011

    Well, we're two-thirds the way through the 2010-2011 fixture, enough to make some sort of assessment on the most disappointing individual performances of the season thus far. These are the players who have promised so much in the lead-up, but have delivered so little. Often it is their past...
  17. GhostofJimJess

    Presale Tickets?

    Often ticket sale announcements for upcoming gigs will have a "Presale" a few days prior. What's the general deal with these things, and is there traditionally some sort of criteria you need to meet to access these ticks?
  18. GhostofJimJess

    The Bump Which Cost Martin His Rising Star

    If anyone missed the bump on Josh Kennedy earlier in the year which effectively cost Dustin Martin the Rising Star award, just have a look at the one Daniel Cross was cleared on today. Almost an exact replica, except that Cross came in with a bit more force.
  19. GhostofJimJess

    A Solution To Goal-Mouth Hand-Balls

    Can I suggest a really simple and logical rule implementation to cater for those deliberate goal mouth "Hand of [insert favorite deity]" incidents? Union employs a "Penalty Try" rule which works perfectly in situations where an opposing team repeatedly infringes to prevent a scoring...
  20. GhostofJimJess

    Bizarre Fixturing

    A team finishes down near the cellar in the previous season, yet when the fixture is compiled for the following year, their schedule includes away journeys to Sydney, Geelong, Adelaide, Fremantle, Port Adelaide and Brisbane, as well as "away" games against the Bulldogs and St Kilda, all in the...

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