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  1. tigland

    AFL Silver Membership Waitlist Number Part 2

    Anyone else getting an error when trying to login on AFL app?
  2. tigland

    Essendon 2000 has to be the greatest Team of all Time?

    that Essendon 2000 season was def one of the best. Only loss was by a kick and average winning margin was huge. Also think the Carlton 95 team was one of the best i have seen as well. That season was extraordinary. If i remember the 2 loses were in back to back weeks early in the season and by...
  3. tigland

    Fixture Full 2024 AFL fixture released. News and leaks.

    they were home and away, but lost elim so would have been placed as 7th or 8th.
  4. tigland

    KISS to play at the Grand Final

    The crowd noise might be played in for the TV audience, but they are decent.
  5. tigland

    AFL Silver Membership Waitlist Number

    Grand Final? if I remember it's usually 10am Sunday for Gold Compete then maybe 12 or 1pm for non compete.
  6. tigland

    AFL Silver Membership Waitlist Number

    1 and only time i was checked was 2014 final between north and geelong. Have seen others checked by the clip-boarders, but nothing post COVID
  7. tigland

    AFL Silver Membership Waitlist Number

    yeah better to only have 1 page per network. Usually non wifi seems to work better.
  8. tigland

    AFL Silver Membership Waitlist Number

    Took a while to get in, but got Q22 for Friday night. Wife is a Blues supporter. Looking forward to it as a neutral.
  9. tigland

    Finals fixture confirmed

    def far fetched to expect 70k. Pies v Giants prelim in 2019 got 78k. Saints should be able to play it at a full Marvel.
  10. tigland

    AFL Silver Membership Waitlist Number

    Yeah crazy day yesterday trying to get tickets for my daughter. We had 6 people multiple devices for both Sydney and Melb. No hits at all for Sydney then all of a sudden 40 min into Melb one of us got a hit and managed to get 4 tickets. It was completely random. For those trying tomorrow, log...
  11. tigland

    AFL Silver Membership Waitlist Number

    yeah its usually the case for the lower drawing games.
  12. tigland

    The best teams at NOT going back to back

    Essendon 2000. They were so dominant. Best team in it 1999 and blew the prelim to Carlton. 2001 runners up to one of the best teams of our generation. Should have had more than one out of that period of dominance.
  13. tigland

    AFL Silver Membership Waitlist Number

    i thought you could enter GA gates with your AFL membership?
  14. tigland

    Live Event Footy Club Survivor: Dunno about "Outwit", but can your club outlast? (Adelaide WINS)

    Suns +1 Cats - 1 Adelaide - 33 Brisbane - 17 Carlton - 31 Collingwood - 18 Essendon - 27 Fremantle - 24 Geelong - 44 <- Edited. Gold Coast - 24 GWS - 21 Hawthorn - 8 Melbourne - 20 St Kilda - 18 Sydney - 31 West coast - 23 Bulldogs - 20 <- 20 is correct.
  15. tigland

    Live Event Footy Club Survivor: Dunno about "Outwit", but can your club outlast? (Adelaide WINS)

    Richmond +1 North -1 Adelaide 31 Brisbane 17 Carlton 28 Collingwood 18 Essendon 23 Fremantle 22 Geelong 38 Gold Coast 22 GWS 20 Hawthorn 15 Melbourne 20 North Melbourne 1 Richmond 13 St Kilda 19 Sydney 32 Western Bulldogs 18 West Coast 22
  16. tigland

    Good News Everyone - Carlton vs Richmond to be the season opener again in 2023

    You can ask me as you said all supporters. I don't think it's a grand final preview at all. Carlton will be lucky to make it [emoji6]
  17. tigland

    Week 1 Finals 2022

    They already said there will be a Thursday game. So it's usually like this. Thursday QF Friday QF Saturday arvo -EF Saturday night - EF
  18. tigland

    No games at the MCG first week of the finals?

    Would hope cats get to play in Geelong v Pies. Dee's v Swans might be at the G
  19. tigland

    Toast Types of people at the footy

    Had 3 versions yesterday that have all previously been stated. 1. The old lady with her pen and her record sitting 2 seats down. Didn't miss a goal. Love these types. 2. The "neutral" who has sarcastic jibes at both teams. 3. The one eye commentator/coach. Directing traffic, calling the play...
  20. tigland

    Countdown clock at the ground

    There was a countdown clock for Balta, but he still ignored it [emoji2369]
  21. tigland

    AFL Silver Membership Waitlist Number

    awesome thanks mate. What level is the makeshift bar usually?
  22. tigland

    AFL Silver Membership Waitlist Number

    Anyone know the go with Marvel stadium in regards to AFL members? Do we have a reserved area or can i just show up and enter and sit in general admin? Also do we have a members bar or anything like that? Yeah I am one of those Tigers that doesn't usually venture to Marvel, but thinking of going...
  23. tigland

    AFL Silver Membership Waitlist Number

    I am gold and that is pretty poor IMO. Silver would be very annoyed.
  24. tigland

    Opinion Preferred GF match up

    Cats v dogs with Razor winning the norm smith
  25. tigland

    Finals + Granny?

    If it is announced as Perth for PF and GF would their be a bye after finals week 2? and if that's the case wouldn't it be a disadvantage to the 2 qualifying final winners as they would have 2 weeks off? Sorry if this has already been raised.
  26. tigland

    Prediction Brownlow Medal Race 2021

    Steele a smokey? Been amazing all year
  27. tigland

    Crowds a concern

    ticket sales suspended for this weekend until further notice. edit in Melbourne
  28. tigland

    How is ticketing going to work this year with fan limits

    Same for Richmond. Received membership today and they advised the card is a commemorative membership card as Tigers will have digital memberships in 2021.
  29. tigland

    NO TROLLS Collingwood Football Club is guilty of systemic racism, review finds

    I feel like I am listening to Trump again
  30. tigland

    If 7 straight games at the MCG leading into finals is an advantage....

    Lol WC supporters. Only played games in WA and QLD this year compared to the premiers who played and won in Vic, Qld, NSW, SA and NT. But hey was an easy draw because we didn't go to WA [emoji1787] On SM-G973F using mobile app