1. Bulldog Lemming

    Bulldog Lemming


    Scape Goat Don’t like the game? Blame Richmond’s pressure

    https://www.theroar.com.au/2018/05/01/dont-like-game-blame-richmonds-pressure/ destroying the afl best
  3. peternorth

    Win Prizes The NBA Off-Season Thread 2018 (now includes pre season games)

    Welcome brethren to the off season thread. Some of us have been here for some time, some proudly, others agonisingly. Here we enjoy the fruits of the off season where winners will win (lottery and draft) and others will arrive in June, vanquished and in search of solace from the boards...
  4. BRAB

    Preview Preview- Round 1 2018: SAINT Kilda vs Brisbane

    Round 1 Preview: Saint Kilda vs Brisbane Lions Match commences at 2:35pm XXXX time at Etihad Stadium. Symmetry is a strange thing in footy. The better part of a year ago, I was sitting down trying to figure out what a new season would look like for us after a positive preseason and how that...
  5. TheBeardAmigos

    Discussion 2018 Injuries and Suspensions

  6. cannavo

    Portfolio 2018 AFL Jumpers With Classic Sponsors [COMPLETE + VIDEO]

    Iss all in the title fam Flexing that Clone stamp, y'know dat. Don't take it for one of dem old sponsor on new template tings Y'get me? /BigShaqMode Yep, bringing back the retro sponsors on the 2018 jumpers and I mean THE jumpers. Thanks to some away jumpers, I can include more retro flashbacks...
  7. TiAn_

    Internal Improvement in 2018

    This time of year the focus is on players that we can trade or draft into the club to improve our prospects next year. However, if this group is going to add flag #2 to their resume, it will likely be on the back of the 36-odd players we already have, and not the 5 we’re adding this off-season...

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