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  1. jmac91

    Vic Clubs Playing Games at Old Home Grounds

    Now I might be pushing this but, with recent talk of the Bulldog's Expanding The Western Oval and talks of them playing 'heritage' games there. Should Victoria Clubs, and AFL clubs in general, play 'heritage' games at their old Grounds. Yes this might be a bit outrageous but I kind of like the...
  2. C

    Carlton AFLW Best 22

    Hi Guys, Was just wondering on getting your thoughts on our Womens best 22 for 2019 I'll do a Best 22 team with the most selected players B: ________, ________, _________ HB: ______, 1. Bri Davey, _______ C: 10. Sarah Hosking, ________, 11. Jess Hosking HF: ______, 22. Tayla Harris, _______ F...
  3. Carltontragic

    How Crow Can You Go? An Adelaide Football Club Saga

    A thread to discuss Adelaide FC season, from the Carlton supporters side
  4. NSW vs Carlton 2018

    NSW vs Carlton 2018

  5. BlueAbroad

    Analysis Carlton mid-season review

    11 rounds have now come and gone. It was a pleasure to sit down and dissect every single angle of our club as we approach the bye. Here is the breakdown: 1. Coaching / Game style 2. Playing List 3. Best & Fairest 4. Captains Corner 5. What the list needs The ending cuts off abruptly as we...
  6. Boxhead_31

    Curnows' Umpire Contact - why the different punishment?

    Looks like a week off coming up for Ed
  7. G

    Celebrating wins...understanding the process!

    After the weekend’s “RUSH” of winning, I just wanted to take a few deep breaths, take note of comments from all sources about Carlton’s win. Today is Tuesday, and the fallout is still continuing, but not for Carlton, but for Essendon. Last night we heard that Mark Neeld had “resigned” or as...
  8. Grange Wallis

    Portfolio New Captain Carlton mascot flag I created for the club's cheer squad

    G'day All, Just wanted to share this new artwork I did for the Carlton Blues cheer squad. I hope you all like it! :D

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