cold case

  1. GreyCrow

    Current Matthew Tilley charged for 1993 murder of Suzanne Poll

    26 years after Suzanne Poll was brutally stabbed to death in her workplace a man has been arrested through the use of Familial DNA testing She was counting takings at the end of her shift at a stationery...
  2. Crimeobsessed

    Unsolved The mysterious death of Annette Deverell

    Has anyone heard about the case of 19-year-old girl Annette Deverell who disappeared from Mandurah in 1980 after going out to buy some smokes? Pretty interesting. New podcast is out here, 4-part series.
  3. shellyg

    Unsolved Janine Vaughan disappearance & murder Bathurst

    Interesting case that's been quite controversial given one of the police officers assigned to the investigation was suspected of, on record as stalking Janine and the work diary containing notes with details apparently disappeared. Janine's parents came forward publicly to state it had been a...
  4. shellyg

    Unsolved Execution Murder of Jill Dando - BBC's star journalist & Crimewatch presenter

    The golden girl of the BBC was returning home when she reached the door of her home in Fulham on April 26, 1999. But before Jill could get her keys in the door, she was shot once in the head with a 9mm bullet. There was no sign of a struggle and the killing was said to have taken place at...
  5. shellyg

    Current The Teachers Pet Podcast & Chris Dawson's Murder Trial

    Lyn’s husband, who denies murder lives on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast with his third wife. A former first grade rugby league player for the Newtown Jets in the 1970s, was a sports teacher at Sydney’s Cromer High School in 1980 when he started a sexual relationship with a Year 11 student. Chris...

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