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  1. Nickimus Rex

    Official Club Stuff Old cats logo

    Hi all, I was looking at old Cats logos and I found this lovely monogram (I do love a good monogram) for sale on eBay - it looks like it's a season member ticket. Anyway, i thought I would try and recreate it for anyone who wants it - note i added 1859 because that's a nifty year :)
  2. JayRamz

    Geelong Cats round 12

    What a stage the MCG is on a Friday night! Under the lights at Australia's Colosseum were 2 historic clubs ready to battle it out in Richmond and Geelong. The critics were predicting the biggest fall from grace by the cats this year, saying Ablett was washed up, Dangerfield might be another...
  3. Hello Kitty

    AFLW AFLW Players -v- AFL Players Comparison: Who is their counterpart?

    After our inaugural AFLW game + historic win last night, thought we might have a bit of fun comparing AFL + AFLW counterpart players by position. Or to discuss/compare our AFLW Players with past Geelong players. As an example BlakeyNoFlakey + I thought we saw a bit of Scarlo about Meg McDonald...

    Analysis Tom Hawkins - clearly not insignificant !

    Of course I will cop it on this forum however I feel it needs to be debated. All summer we heard his lean,quick and slimline he was. He continually refused to take shots Passed to people in worse position to himself Is too selfless Cannot breakway and leads too late Leads too far up the...
  5. Honesty Seeker

    Pre-Season Time Trial Stats etc

    Reading about 193cm Jok winning the Saints time-trial but as usual his time wasn't posted. Why? There never is for any club in any year!! WTF!! How can that be so damned confidential. It's not as if it's going to change the result of any game at any time! Doesn't anyone else want to know just...
  6. Hello Kitty

    Toast Joel Selwood is engaged to Brit Davis

    It's official!
  7. Hello Kitty

    MRP Is Hawkins in trouble for the Fritsch Hit?

    What are your thoughts on Hawkins love tap to Fritsch? Will Match Review Officer Michael Christian investigate the incident? If guilty, is it a fine or suspension for Hawkins? Here's the incident:
  8. crazywildhorse

    The Race for 9th 2018. The greatest achievement of the season

    In a year of genuine mediocrity, the race for the most mediocre spot on the ladder is wide open. Any one of Geelong, Hawthorn, GWS, Melbourne, Norf or Adelaide are a solid chance of picking it up. In fact, Essendon are a sneaky to add to that list. Geelong have been underwhelming till now...
  9. Hello Kitty

    Toast Scarlett - 2018 Hall of Fame Inductee

    Tonight is the 2018 Hall of Fame Ceremony. The AFL recognises players, coaches, umpires, administrators + media, who have made significant contributions to AFL at any level. Players are eligible once they've been retired for at least three years, while candidates from other roles are eligible...
  10. Hello Kitty

    Injury Ratugolea - Broken Ankle - Tibia + Fibula (VFL RETURN 25 AUGUST)

    SavRat was injured in a contest - A very brave SavRat gave the thumbs-up, acknowledging the support of the crowd. What a gracious guy! Sav's right leg buckled under himself when caught at the bottom of a pack. He instantly felt for his right leg, just below his knee, after it was crushed...
  11. rampantswan

    Podcast The Scratching Post

    Hi all, Here is the latest podcast. Episode three where we discuss the game against the Blues, our favorite Hall of fame inductee Matthew Scarlett moments, our thoughts on the changes made for this weeks game against the suns and our tips for the game. Audio Podcast will be up shortly!
  12. Hello Kitty

    Social Selwood's 250th Game

    With our Rd1 game only five hours away + game Preview discussion nearly exhausted, let's describe our mighty + magnificent Captain Courageous in one word. From 2007 debut winning the AFL Rising Star award in 2007 to Boy Wonder 2007 to 2009 to 2011 to 2012 Captain Courageous...
  13. Hello Kitty

    Prediction 2018 Brownlow Medal

    "THE AFL’s captains have selected Patrick Dangerfield as the most likely candidate for this year’s Brownlow Medal. The League has polled 18 club leaders as the 2018 season is launched, and Dangerfield was the clear Brownlow standout, with seven of the skippers picking him to follow up from his...
  14. Hello Kitty

    Analysis Geelong Cats Season Launch - Questions for Miers + other players

    Lana + I are the fortunate winners of tickets to our Season Launch, this Friday night. I'm hoping there will be an opportunity to ask Gryan Miers, our sponsored player, some questions - are there any issues you'd like put to him, or to other players, if there is a chance? Please post your...
  15. Hello Kitty

    Universal Love Most Exciting/Happiest Time as a Geelong Supporter

    We've had Gydafud's very popular thread: 'Most frustrating time as a Geelong supporter', so what was your 'Most Exciting/Happiest Time as a Geelong Supporter'? As Gydafud said: "This is a question that can only be relative to your own experiences. . ." Another year we made it to Finals, yet...
  16. Hello Kitty

    Gallery Geelong Club History

    "It is believed that the co-founder of Australia football, Thomas Wentworth Wills, recommended the formation of the Geelong Football Club in July 1859 making it the second oldest continuously existing club at an elite level of any code in the world, the Melbourne Football Club credited as the...
  17. D

    Do we need another AFL Club or are there too many as it is?

    With A League expansion being on the agenda is it time to start talking about another new AFL team. Currently Canberra, the Northern Territory, Tasmania and Cairns do not have AFL teams. Should a new AFL team be formed
  18. Ladder Positions (after finals) 1878-2016

    Ladder Positions (after finals) 1878-2016

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