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    The Official Bigfooty NBA 2019 Finals thread - Toronto Raptors vs Golden State Warriors (Raptors win 4-2)

    After many games of basketball we are finally here. The NBA Finals, 2019. The Golden State Warriors are participating in their FIFTH, yes 5TH, consecutive NBA finals. Not even the 90s Jordan Chicago Bulls did that. Just let that sink in for a moment. Amazing in todays day and age. Credit to the...
  2. nahnah

    2019 NBA Offseason Thread - Free Agency starts 6 p.m. ET on June 30

    For those who's teams are out of the playoff hunt join in the offseason discussion early! Top Free agents, (where will they end up?): Kevin Durant DeMarcus Cousins Kawhi Leonard Kyrie Irving Klay Thompson Tobias Harris Kris Middleton Jimmy Butler Kemba Walker Draft lottery - 15th of May NBA...
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    The official Bigfooty NBA week 6 thread - insert witty line here

    Nothing really noteworthy over night. The stench of the Green-Durant saga lingers, although slowly wafting away. Taking it's toll......perhaps this is the only way the Ws can be stopped? Enjoy your day.

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