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    Certified Legendary Thread The Official Bigfooty NBA Week 1 Thread (December 23, 2020)

    The NBA season we never though we'd have was had, and it's successor is here to success. The NBA have decided to open it's second unprecedented season with two mouthwatering morsels, tipped to fill your sarlacc pit belly. Once were mighty Golden State travel to Brooklyn to face the new born...
  2. P

    The Official NBA Orlando Bubble Thread (seeding games)

    A day after TJ Warren unleashed on the hapless 76ers, we prepare ourselves for another high pressure day of seeding games. Brooklyn defeated the Wizards in Orlando with Caris LeVert 34 and 7. Former Laker Thomas Bryant led the Wiz with a bruising 30 and 14. The Spurs and Grizz are playing some...
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    The Bigfooty Official Week NINE National Basketball Association (NBA) Thread

    Orlando hold a slender lead over the home town Pelicans in the first. All Magic starters have scored.
  4. Drummer_19

    The official Bigfooty week 7 thread - Dwight Howard feeling the love

    So uhhhhh, this twitter thread is worth a read...
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    The official Bigfooty NBA week 6 thread - insert witty line here

    Nothing really noteworthy over night. The stench of the Green-Durant saga lingers, although slowly wafting away. Taking it's toll......perhaps this is the only way the Ws can be stopped? Enjoy your day.
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    Win Prizes The NBA Off-Season Thread 2018 (now includes pre season games)

    Welcome brethren to the off season thread. Some of us have been here for some time, some proudly, others agonisingly. Here we enjoy the fruits of the off season where winners will win (lottery and draft) and others will arrive in June, vanquished and in search of solace from the boards...