1. Dr Mantis Taboggan

    Expression of interest - Perth Defence veterans football club

    With all of the programs and services out there for ex service people, I wondered if there was a ex-servicemens football team in the Perth area? I had no luck and am now looking to see if there is any interest amongst the veteran community in the area. My thoughts are to start fairly low key...
  2. Run n Spread

    Current General Crime Chat: disturbing killers, other crimes and miscellaneous stuff

    A man has been sentenced to prison for "spitting." Meanwhile we have police too squeamish to shoot dead a terrorist or call in a Counter Terroism Unit at the least until 18 hours after the fact (circa 2014 Lyndt siege) and a Cardinal (one of the most powerful men in the world) in one of the most...
  3. shellyg

    Current Triple Murder Perth NE Suburbs - 19yo in custody.

    Senior homicide detective described the scene as possibly the most horrific he has seen in his career. Homicide squad detectives are trying to piece together what they have described as the "horrific" murder of three people at a home in Ellenbrook in Perth's north-eastern suburbs. Assistant...
  4. Zurgblade

    2nds 2018 WAFL 16's Carnival

    With the carnival right on our doorstep, I thought I would create a thread to discuss games, results and follow how teams are tracking: Week 1 Friday 9 March 5pm, Subiaco v West Perth, Leederville Oval Friday 9 March 5:30 pm, East Fremantle v East Perth, East Fremantle Oval Saturday 10 March...
  5. Dan Baker

    Unsolved Lisa Jane Brown - Murder - 1998 - Perth WA

    Lisa Brown has been missing since 12.30am on 10 November 1998 from the Palmerston Street, Perth City area. She was last seen wearing casual blue denim jeans, a black T-shirt and black high heeled boots.
  6. Dan Baker

    Unsolved Deborah Anderson - Murder - Western Australia - 2000

    Born in Perth on the 20th of August 1975, Deborah moved to the United Kingdom in 1990 to be with her mother, returning nine years later in August 1999 to re-unite with her father and commence a cooking course at the Australian School of Tourism and Hotel Management. Scheduled to return to...
  7. Dan Baker

    Current Julie Cutler - Murder - 1988 - Cottesloe WA

    Julie Leanne CUTLER Age at time of disappearance: 22 years Build: Medium Height: 162 cm Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Julie was last seen leaving the Parmelia Hilton Hotel WA at 12.30am on 20 June 1988 after a staff function. Her car was found 2 days later in the sea off Cottesloe Beach...
  8. Dan Baker

    Unsolved Kerry Turner - Murder WA - 1991

    KERRY Turner was going to come home for dinner that Saturday night but changed her plans at the last minute go clubbing with her best mate Kylie. On that June 30 night in 1991, the teenagers ended up at Perth CBD nightspot Pinocchio’s (Magnet House on Murray St) but were separated once inside...
  9. Dan Baker

    Solved Pamela Lawrence - 1994 - Killer commits suicide in prison

    Certainly not good when there has been a wrongful conviction of Andrew Mallard and the next suspect doesn't make trial. Rochford had been interviewed by police on May 11 about the Lawrence murder and had subsequently been placed on suicide watch. He was taken off suicide watch on Tuesday . Mr...
  10. Dan Baker

    Unsolved Gerard Ross - Abducted Kent st Rockingham WA 1997

    Gerard was abducted near Kent Street in Rockingham on the morning of October 14, 1997 with the intention of visiting a local comic book store. Police have received more than 70 calls to Crime Stoppers since Tuesday's fresh public appeal into the murder of Gerard Ross in Rockingham in 1997...
  11. Dan Baker

    Unsolved Robyn (Paton) Santen - Coronial Inquest, August 8, 2015

    It will than likely be found that Robyn (Paton) Santen committed suicide. There is however no body. Robyn was at the Grapeskin bar corner of James St and William st, Northbridge. Saturday, August 8, 2015: Robyn caught a cab to her her house from the wine bar then got in her car where the car...
  12. BomberThom

    Unsolved Corryn Rayney & Ciara Glennon both Africa refugee immigrants

    What is amazing is that they both left tyranny for a better life only to end up in the country, at least Corryn sought political refuge. Ciara Glennon grew up on an African mission. "Corryn Veronica Ann Rayney, née Da Silva, (born 1963)...

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