1. juice t

    Racing January Daily Thread: Do you believe in Magic.... Millions

    I thought it was very rude of the WA Government to wait until AFTER Princess Jenni got on the flight to Perth to announce that they were raising the border with Victoria again
  2. juice t

    Racing June Daily Thread: Queensland - Dodgy Every Day, A Yulong Finally Wins A Race

    It's that time of the year again.... When the roaring smell of the bullshit north of the Tweed can be smelled from the Arctic circle
  3. juice t

    Racing December Daily Punt: Pikey stole my Christmas money

    It hasn't happened yet, but you just know it will
  4. B

    NBA season 18/19

    So, do people bet on the NBA around here? What is everyones go to tipster or punting advice board for NBA? Ive done a paid service before but it was a bit of a flop so id rather avoid a paid service and just use my own expertise and free tips i can pull together from the web.
  5. wizzard400


    Arguably the biggest boxing match of the past decade. Deserves it's own thread. Early outright prices: WILLIAM HILL Mayweather 1.13 McGregor 6.00 LADBROKES Mayweather 1.15 McGregor 5.50 SPORTSBET Mayweather 1.15 McGregor 5.50 CROWNBET Mayweather 1.15 McGregor 5.50 BET365 Mayweather 1.10...