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    Former Richmond star Justin Charles 'nothing is off limits' interview

    The Lace Out podcast host Chris Pepper (me) sat down with former Footscray and Richmond star Justin Charles for a chat about his career and nothing was off limits. Justin openly talks about his steroids scandal that was a first in AFL, and one he continues to reminded about today. He also shares...
  2. Port Adelaide 1870

    Allan Hopkins : Retrospective Brownlow Medallist 1930 ----- IN COLOUR !

    Allan Hopkins : Retrospective Brownlow Medallist 1930 ----- IN COLOUR ! Colourisations of Old Football Moments, Players and History, by Yours Truly. Enjoy
  3. kreglze

    Preview JLT Round 1 - Gold Coast vs Western Bulldogs - Sunday March 3, 7:40pm in Mackay

    Coming up for our first televised match for the year. We will have a squad of 26 for this game. Will Dew go out strong or will he use this game to blood some 2nds players and see who could be up to a call up.
  4. Damon_3388

    Tom Boyd 'not in the best 22', admits skipper

    Boyd 'not in the best 22', admits skipper I guess his captain is attempting to challenge him by going public with this. Could go either way though for a bloke who has had issues with confidence and depression previously. 5th season, contracted through the end of 2021. Just seems miles off the...
  5. S

    Introducing myself

    Being a keen Western Bulldogs supporter I have ridden the highs and lows of being loyal to my club. I have joined BigFooty as I am frustrated with other forums that have become nothing short of being about gossip and over emotional. I have been involved in local grass roots football footy so I...
  6. Norm De Guerre

    Strategy Trade and List .Management thread 5 (...the post coitus cigarette. Edition)

    Bolded indicates a bit of distance already.
  7. StratusNY_11


    Greetings and Salutations, Footy Fans Just a new fan from the U.S. of A. (Upstate New York to be exact). I've known about the Aussie Rules' existence for 10 years now and let me just say...how the heck did I not pay more attention to the AFL before?! My best guess being the yank I am, I'm...
  8. Napoleon X

    Is Liam Picken the most underrated mark in the competition?

    After last final series and his start to 2017 - I think we need to start acknowledging his overhead talent.
  9. mattys123

    Game Day AFL Round 1 - Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs Matchday Discussion (MCG - 7.50pm)

    2017 AFL PREMIERSHIP SEASON ROUND ONE COLLINGWOOD vs WESTERN BULLDOGS FRIDAY 24TH MARCH 7.50PM MELBOURNE CRICKET GROUND BROADCAST GUIDE; http://www.afl.com.au/tv-radio/broadcastguide WEATHER; Forecast; http://www.bom.gov.au/vic/forecasts/melbourne.shtml Radar...
  10. D

    Do we need another AFL Club or are there too many as it is?

    With A League expansion being on the agenda is it time to start talking about another new AFL team. Currently Canberra, the Northern Territory, Tasmania and Cairns do not have AFL teams. Should a new AFL team be formed
  11. mattys123

    Game Day AFL Round 21 - Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs Matchday Discussion (Etihad - 7.50pm)

    2016 AFL PREMIERSHIP SEASON ROUND 21 COLLINGWOOD vs WESTERN BULLDOGS FRIDAY AUGUST 12TH 7.50PM ETIHAD STADIUM BROADCAST GUIDE http://www.afl.com.au/broadcastguide As the Collingwood Football Club meanders towards the end of yet another disappointing season it should be no shock that their...
  12. mattys123

    Game Day AFL Round 10 - Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs Matchday Discussion (MCG 3.20pm)

    2016 AFL PREMIERSHIP SEASON ROUND 10 COLLINGWOOD vs WESTERN BULLDOGS SUNDAY MAY 29TH 3.20PM MCG BROADCAST GUIDE; http://www.afl.com.au/broadcastguide WEATHER; Forecast; http://www.bom.gov.au/vic/forecasts/melbourne.shtml Radar; http://www.bom.gov.au/products/IDR022.loop.shtml#skip Two...
  13. scanlon

    Who are the flag contenders?

    3 weeks in, Im thinking Adelaide, Doggies, North, Swans and obviously Hawthorn are the major flag contenders.
  14. mattys123

    Game Day NAB Challenge - Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs (Etihad - 1.10pm)

    2016 NAB CHALLENGE ROUND 4 COLLINGWOOD vs WESTERN BULLDOGS SATURDAY MARCH 12TH 1.10PM ETIHAD STADIUM BROADCAST GUIDE; http://www.afl.com.au/broadcastguide WEATHER; http://www.bom.gov.au/vic/forecasts/melbourne.shtml It's not long now until the start of the 2016 AFL premiership season, with...
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