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    Racing April Daily Punt- The Championswamps and a farewell to the Queen

    No, Queen Elizabeth hasn't quite carked it to the disappointment of the republican movement, but Winx is finishing up on April 13th... and after that, all we've got left is So Si Bon to laugh at EDIT AFTER THE DONCASTER:
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    Racing March Daily Punt- Urban Ruler vs the Flemington Ambulance

    The match race of the season coincides with the All Star Mile Current Odds: The Ambos: 33/1 on Urban Ruler: 25-1 and drifting And apparently, this is also Golden Squibber month, where we laugh at the pea hearted 2-year-olds from Tulloch Lodge, like Unite and Conquer.
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    Racing February Daily Punt- The Winx Farewell Tour

    Also known as Darren Kenneth Weir- The Farewell Tour Anyway, what another enthralling month ahead- The first Group One races of the New Year just over a week away, and the contenders and squibs will continue to be separated in the ever-unbettable two-year-old races
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