H-Sun ‘Conflicted’: AFLPA calls for independent racism investigation (Possibly paywalled.)

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The role of the AFLPA is central to the treatment of individual players, together with the players management (needs AFL accreditation).

Hopefully the AFLPA is acting independently of the AFL in calling for an independent racism investigation. Pretty much every man & his dog is calling for an inquiry.
Last night on the ABC, the panel of Q + A made its call for the Feds to institute an inquiry to Government panellist Ed Husic ( Minister for Science & Industry)
A notable absentee on the panel was the ABC journo who broke the story (Russell Jackson - ABC News).

Where were the PA when this tawdry incident was playing out ? Did the players involve the AFLPA ?

Here is a 'look over here' diversion tactic from Paul Marsh:
“We’ve had some really difficult conversations with some clubs in the last five or six years where they’ve been at the bottom of this stuff and clubs have actually won premierships since.

“We’re just representing what their players are telling them and clubs that are acting on it we’re seeing proper improvement.

“Consistently the clubs that we see as the best performers on the field are the best performers in this as well.”

Is it really a surprise that a winning club is a better environment than an unsuccessful club or that players that dont succeed at AFL level are disillusioned ?

'Delisted young footballers are leaving the game with a set of challenges far greater than seasoned players who hang up the boots, new research has found.
The AFL Players’ Association canvassed 208 players who left the game from 2019-2021 and found those with short career spans had lower levels of wellbeing, higher levels of career self-doubt and a more difficult journey finding their feet after football.

'Those surprising insights have the AFLPA open to increasing the draft age beyond 18 years in what is an age-old debate that has the strong support of several premiership coaches and clubs – but not the AFL, who fear rival sports would poach star junior talent.'

Are the AFLPA primarily looking after its own best interests?
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