Opinion “If” we had a pre game song...

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Mar 14, 2002
Gasometer Wing
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North Melbourne
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Play it just before the players run out to get everyone up and about then play Join in the Chorus.

“Glad all over” is the kind of song that works with kids and adults, even if there is a small crowd that doesn’t want to participate like the Crystal Palace fans do.
Handsome, wat does the 'B' stand for?

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Poster of the Year 2020
Apr 24, 2013
inside your head
AFL Club
North Melbourne
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Essendon Lawn Bowls Club

I'm getting mighty tired of Southern Comfort,
Of things that take the appetite from life.
Sometimes at night I seem to hear a voice say: „Go North"!

I guess I've had my fill of Southern Comfort;
I can hear the highway calling me to roam;
And all the time the voices keep on singing: „Go home"!

Go home get back go north my friend
And see the world before it ends
Go home get back go north and send a message to your love.

She's like a cool oasis in the desert;
I close my eyes she's all around and I know,
that she's the place they're telling me to go to,
go home.

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