Society/Culture “If the internet has a class system, moderators sit at the bottom...."

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Mar 16, 2007
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An interesting read. I'm not one for Facebook but my mum runs a suburb-based group and some of the whinging and carry on does your head in. From people who live in the same small community.

And to put the clickbaity title in more context.

“If the internet has a class system, moderators sit at the bottom,” says Beckett. “They are the modern-day sin-eaters, who absorb offensive and traumatic material so others don’t have to see it.” You might not know them, says Beckett, you can’t see them, but “they make sure the places you go on the internet are nice for you”.
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I beg to meg
Oct 28, 2017
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I think of the ones with alters they use to harras people whose opinion is firm and theirs not. And I think of the ones who use thier power to bully someone with an opinion firmer than theirs.

But 14 years ago, it was different, moderating was hard work. And forums like this, good people chased away.

It was a bit like the wildless west.

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