Player Watch # 1: Andrew "Pidge" McGrath (vc)

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Jun 1, 2008
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Our first selection in the 2016 AFL Draft. Welcome to Essendon, Andrew!

More info to come.

Thanks to don patch sword for the following profile:

Pick 1 - Essendon - Andrew McGrath
Team: Sandringham Dragons
Height: 179
Weight: 75
DOB: 2/6/98

TAC Games: 10
AVG Disposals: 32.4
Goals: 2

Player Traits: Zac Merrett, Jason Johannisen
Position: Midfield/Defense

Bio: Andrew uses his elite pace to his advantage whether that's carrying the footy, chasing for a tackle or spoil he likes to speed up the play. He will take the game on at every opportunity and work hard to win the footy first.

His best trait is his ability both in the midfield and in defense to be able to attack and defend to a high quality. When he gets the footy he will either take the ball under his arm and run or fire a quick and clean handball to the advantage of his teammate then work hard to receive in that chain(Jason Johannisen). When in the midfield he likes to put body on his opponent and once the ball is tapped he will push of and use his elite speed to win the footy first(Zac Merrett).

He will usually switch to defense for a few reasons. For leadership, run and drive if it has been lacking and to stop a dangerous player who is on fire. Not only has he beaten every player he has been sent to but he has also provided meaningful rebound.

Size is an issue but has an elite jump to make up for it. He can rush his kicks sometimes but when he is in full flight he can do some well weighted kicks to advantage.

For a team crying out for leadership, speed and work rate he is the best in the draft and a worthy Top 5 pick.
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Jul 10, 2012
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I cant believe its not mccluggage!

Thank god we picked up the chris judd not the oakley-nicholls

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