Past #1: Majak Daw [Part II] - 54 NM games/43 NM goals - delisted end '20 - SSP selection for MFC '21 - GL Maj

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Sep 8, 2000
Canberra, ACT, Australia
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North Melbourne
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Parramatta Eels
Wonderful interview. He is a very eloquent speaker, better than most of those born in Australia. He could have career in the Media or the Speakers circuit after his footy career. Hopefully he gets past 100 games before then, those genes need to stay at Arden Street.

Kangaroo Cat

All Australian
Jun 2, 2019
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North Melbourne
Congrats Big Majak !! Huge effort to get back !!!

Hate to bring the mood down but is that LDU standing at the back not near the group and not coming over like the rest of the group to congratulate Maj or am I blind ? Might be reading to much into it but seems odd to me.
Only saw TT hanging back due to his crutches


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Oct 10, 2007
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North Melbourne
Would think he'd be quite emotional running out onto the ground in terms of him thinking he may not have got back to do this. Hope he goes well but first quarter I think his emotions might be all over the place. Hopefully he settles back into it after that and works his way into the game.
Great to see him back though.

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