Past #1: Majak Daw [Part II] - delisted after 54 NM games/43 NM goals - thanks Maj

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Apr 24, 2013
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I hope not, but has happened before.....
I'd like to hope he comes out, clunks some contested marks, bangs through 3-4 goals, and continues on to a contract renewal.

I know he has the skill set to do it, but it's always been between the ears with Maj. If he gets that right, look out.

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Jan 26, 2003
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Derm was very emotional when talking about this (video at bottom of article):


‘He’s living proof people can reclaim their lives’: Dermott Brereton’s tears for family ahead of Majak Daw’s heroic return

Hawthorn legend Dermott Brereton has given an emotional message ahead of Majak Daw’s “heroic” AFL return.

Daw fell from Victoria’s Bolte Bridge in December 2018 and was hospitalised with serious injuries to his hips and pelvis. It has been a tumultuous 18 months as Daw learned how to walk again, finally named in Rhyce Shaw’s side for their Round 9 clash against Adelaide on Saturday.

Speaking on Fox Footy’s Countdown, Brereton explained how Daw’s reclaiming of life was “awesome” for families such as his own, who have had members take their own life. Brereton’s father and brother took their own lives, with the Hawthorn great shedding a tear during an emotional interview with Kangaroos coach Rhyce Shaw.

“My Mum will be watching so she won’t want to hear about that in detail. This is a huge problem in society, suicide,” he said. “Majak tried. And so often we hear ‘why did he attempt that’. We have a problem at the moment with COVID, 10 times as many people have taken their lives this year already. It is a massive problem, ten times the amount.

“We hear so often ‘he had so much to live for, why would he do it?’ They’re all questions we ask. This is a bloke who almost did it, tried to do it, went bloody close to taking his own life. “What made me emotional, he’s got a chance to reclaim that life. Today, whether he plays well, good, bad, poorly. He has reclaimed his life today.

“For everybody that has family that have done it, this is a snapshot into their life of what their loved ones who took their lives could’ve done. They could’ve succeeded again in life with the right support around them.

“That’s why I congratulate North Melbourne and Rhyce for the support around this young man. That man, he could’ve been a memory. “He could’ve had his plaque in a funeral parlour somewhere. But his flesh living and breathing, he is living proof people can reclaim their lives.”

Brereton declared it was a “heroic” moment for the AFL as Daw prepared for the game, explaining how many families across the country would be living through his amazing comeback. “What makes me upset, I’m so proud of him. I barely know him, I’ve met him two or three times,” he said.

“A lot of people in my circumstance, thousands, hundreds of thousands of people who have a close link to someone who has taken their own life who love their footy and in some small way would live through this today. “It’s heroic what he’s done. Well done Majak.”

Video can be seen here:
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May 22, 2001
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Purely talking football he fulfilled his role as an explosive utility.

Quality contributions back, middle and forward.

Can't ask for more than that.

Without saying that there was an extra filip to many people over and above footy of course.
As a forward he competed. Did he get out marked or out bodied all game? In the ruck he was solid and took marks down back.

The acurate one

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Jan 23, 2019
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Admit I couldn't post during the game, I sat there with my hand over my mouth, watching his every move, willing him above the pack. Just so proud of him and our club .

i received a text yesterday from my mate who shared something with me that Maj sent him. He's the most lovely dude is our Maj. And what a wonderful article by Dermie. My brother lost his battle against the demons that tormented him. And Dermie is right Maj did a lot for a lot of people today.

The date is day the day we knocked off Richmond in that final. But in a world of sh*t, we saw hope and a future. fu**en well done Maj.

Oh and how wonderful to see the luftwaffe back in action, we've missed that aerial domination. Sure he dropped a few but they'll stick soon enough.

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