Player Watch #1 The Chad Warner - Round 3 Rising Star Nominee

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Kennedy Parker

Jul 9, 2015
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Sydney Sixers, Gold City Royals

Chad Warner
When the Sydney Swans swept up Chad Warner with pick 39 at the 2019 AFL Draft, they secured a youngster with an insatiable appetite for the contest. Warner attacks the ball and opponents with aggression and is relishing calling midfield bulls Josh Kennedy and Luke Parker his teammates at the Swans. Warner impressed for Western Australia in the 2019 AFL Under-18 Championships, averaging 18.2 touches (50 per cent contested), 3.2 clearances and 6.8 tackles per game. He also tallied an average of 27.1 disposals, 6.4 clearances and 7.4 tackles per match at Colts level for East Fremantle in 2019. He earned his AFL debut against Richmond in Round 6 of the 2020 season, recording eight disposals and two tackles.

Chad Warner
DOB: 19 May 2001
DEBUT: 2020
DRAFT: #39, 2019 National Draft
RECRUITED FROM: Willetton (WA)/Aquinas College (WA)/East Fremantle (WAFL)


Kiama Chris

Club Legend
May 10, 2016
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I actually thought the exact same. I remember Dalrymple and Beatson giving themselves whiplash calling his name out and thought he must be something but then in the preseason he started it was all stories about how he had to calm down at training etc. At that point I thought "Ah, he's one of those types" and set my expectations lower, but his work this year has me excited. Long way to go, anything could happen etc etc.
I played a bit of Aussie rules but was mostly a league man. I always rated the player who ran at the hole instead of charging into the man. Warner does that, just like Rowbottom and Florent. Each different but they each have that spatial awareness and ability to get to the hole. Big futures all.

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Brownlow Medallist
Mar 10, 2007
Ensconced in velvet
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Poodle haircut & pink boots.

The Chad can play footy, but looks like he’s about to head on stage with Spandau Ballet.
He’s like a Swans player from the 80’s who would have enhanced our glam reputation back then lol. I actually love it. Along with the Logan bowl we’re like the retro Swans.

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Brownlow Medallist
Apr 26, 2016
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Not that I am encouraging the merits of the award, but Warner will get the RS nom this week. Called it last week for Errol and I'm calling it this week for Warner. (I actually thought Campbell had the better game but Warner's was more eye-catching for the neutrals.)


Cometh the moment
Jul 24, 2012
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I thought he was our best young kid, although Gulden and Campbell also had great games. Just seems to be growing in confidence doesn't he. Loved the mark in defense coming back with the flight of the ball. He is all power already at this young age. Could develop into an absolute beast. I love the way he moves in that he changes direction with each step and then makes his decision and shoots through. Really evasive. I had no idea after last season that he had that kind of speed. No doubt been working on it but him and Wicks are the two that have really surprised me with their development. Two guys who we may have considered bottom 6 in the side at the start of the season but are both becoming weapons and playing like veterans.

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