Player Watch #10: Ben Cunnington - 2019 Syd Barker Medallist

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Sep 23, 2005
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North Melbourne
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Is Cunners our most important player? A mate text me saying they discussed it on the Sunday footy show. They reckon our record without him is pretty bad. Anyone got a clip of it...or figures to back it up?
Discussed below. Only 4 games.

They just put a stat up the Sunday Footy Show, we have not won a game without Cunners since 2013 :'(
Not great, but only 4 Games for some context, (5 but can't count the Richmond rd 23 rest half the team game)


Norm Smith Medallist
Jan 26, 2003
Melbourne, Australia
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Backs can be dodgy injuries though mate.

I don't want him playing if he's in any way iffy.
Agreed... out of personal experience. I hope Cunners doesn't do the weeding at his place, because it hasn't helped my back one bit.

Rad Roo

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Aug 2, 2017
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North Melbourne
We need to get the structure right, if Bonar is recruited then we need to get him to play his best position. Bonar is by far the player with the best traits best successful for the next center square player. We need to invest in him, give him all the opportunity to get him experienced.

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Jul 22, 2002
Arden St
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North Melbourne
As per Shaw's presser, he has a nerve impingement on his kicking side.

fusion How serious is this and what's the likely chances he will be back this year?
Without having more information like the results of a CT or MRI spine its too vague to really say. I think ferball was right saying anywhere between a week and the season!

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