Player Watch #11: Jason Castagna - all bow down to the GOAT

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Feb 9, 2009
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no doubt he is well down across the last 3 games but before that he was doing better statistically than he has in previous years, accounting for 15-25% or so less game time.

would want to pick it up though in the next game or two or he might make way for higgins. the thing that i think buys him some time compared to rioli is that with him its never work rate, just form, and he has proven that he can get up the ground and impact in the backline when needed. rioli has twice the talent but half the workrate at the moment, which you probably think the coaches look on more harshly than poor form.

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R.I.P Shane Tuck 21
Dec 28, 2007
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Killed me a bit more again tonight ................

Honestly im over him and he should be dropped and lets have a look at another kid , I would rather be getting games into 1 of the kids

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Team Captain
Jan 14, 2011
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Jason Castagna is a time traveller....


In startling news, it appears that Jason "Chaos King" Castagna has in fact returned to the MCG, from whence he came in the mid 1990's

Jason Castagna is a time traveller.png

Hiding in plain sight complete with resplendent with blonde tips, footage has been found still at the tender young age of 24, at the round 15 clash against the Bombers.

Good to see that his love of the club has never waned. From here, researchers are now scouring the archives, believing that he may have also been involved in the Windy Hill brawl in '74.



Brownlow Medallist
Oct 3, 2012
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******* useless. Been carrying him his whole career. I haven’t seen a worse player in the competition than him. Would dead set rather Billy Hartung.
What a ridiculous comment. 26, 26 and 27 goals in his past 3 seasons along with 3 tackles a game. Was a massive part of our 2017 resurgence with the 3 smalls forward pressure.

He was 33 in the comp for total goals last year and kicked as many or more than Greene, Heeney, Gunston, Gray, Zorko.

Hes having a poor season, but he hes deserved his spot in the past 3 years.


Aug 28, 2020
Punt Rd
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I love the guy. I've seen him take on 3 defenders by himself - win the ball and handball it out to advantage. He can take a mark, he's fast, really fast. He can run and kick. He can kick to advantage. He pounces on anything loose. He runs down defenders with the ball...if a defender is scared enough to run out bounce, he is going to run out of bounce with him. He is great - even in the wet.

I am just so not confident when he kicks for goal.

The amount of time he misses goals is amazing. He kicked 5 points in the Grand Final - he could have won the Norm Smith otherwise. It's become so bad that when he takes a mark inside the 50, I pray that Martin, Shorty, Vlastuin even McIntosh will run pass so he can handball.

Is there not anybody at Tigerland that is helping him with kicking for goal?

Drunken Wookie

Wunken Drookie
Feb 13, 2006
Just beyond the horizon.
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You can't have AA's in every spot, I get that. You've got to have a few honest battlers making up the numbers in order to fit under the salary cap, obviously.
But for fu**s sake there has to be someone, anyone else that can come in and play a forward pocket role in place of George. Forget Butler, a spud like Townsend would be contributing more currently.
Dimma is backing him and that's great but on his current balance he'll need to win a Norm Smith to have repaid that blind faith.

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