Player Watch #11: Luke "Two Dogs" McDonald - signed end '21 - 2020 Syd Barker Medalist

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Brownlow Medallist
Mar 24, 2011
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North Melbourne
He's ready to explode as a player. Taken him a while but his stints in the midfield have done him wonders. He spent a few years as a mostly defensive back pocket. Now he's hunting the footy and looking a million bucks.
That chase down on cyril where he pinged a hammie put him back a bit.

Only Forwards

Brownlow Medallist
Aug 14, 2008
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North Melbourne
Used it well. I'm not as hot on his game as a lot around here, because he basically didn't play on anyone for most of the game, but he got plenty of it and it generally stayed with us when he kicked it

Having a massive year and deserves to be top 4 in the Syd
I'd have Goldy and Simpkin in front of him with Luke closing at a rate of knots given Simpkin copping the tag now.

Billy Not Really

Premiership Player
Apr 7, 2018
Licking windows at the back of the bus.
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North Melbourne
Lukey Mac and Rhyce Shaw are the power couple of the year so far, whatever he's done to turn Luke around to a skilled tagger and back to his old post down in halfback looking like a completely different player has been something he can really hang his hat on.

He's got Luke playing the best footy of his career and I'm relieved to not be lamenting his presence on the field, now I'm actually excited to watch him play.


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L'enfant terrible
Apr 24, 2013
inside your head
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Essendon Lawn Bowls Club
Looked like he kind of played the Quarterback role to an extent, and did reasonably well at it :D
That's how we should be playing him from now on.

8 years ago...............:arrowdown:

Re: Luke McDonald-Future Father Son


He naturally sets up behind the ball and plays the quarter back role, then rolls forward in to space. Reads the game as good as any other kid on the ground. Zones beautifully. Contests in the air and does all the team things.

The kid just naturally knows where to run, is very team oriented, and he doesn't shirk a contest. He doesn't appear to be super quick but his ability to change direction is outstanding and gives him the appearance of having plenty of time, that all good players possess. His vision is also excellent.

His left foot is a beauty when he hits it right, but his kicking was not that consistent today.

I saw 4 teams play today (~88 players) and Luke would have been in the best six players I saw.

In the last quarter he gave me a serious WTF moment. He was 3rd in line for a contest with 2 Ranges kids about to run on to a bouncing ball 20 metres out from their goal, when he willed himself to front position, scooped up the ball, smacked in to one of the Ranges kids, rode the bump, came out the other side of the pack, looked up and saw he only had one get out option in front him that was behind his opponent, kicked the ball deliberately off the outside of his right (opposite) foot, cleared the Eastern Ranges kid 20 metres in front of him and allowed his team mate over the back to run on to the ball and clear down the field.

All of this took place in 1 to 2 seconds! It was fricken Careyesque! Seriously WTF!

You just can't coach that stuff.

It's only one game, but if you have seen enough footy, you know "it" when you see "it".

Luke has "it"

shinboner magic

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Apr 17, 2007
melb home of the kangas
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Wow what a brilliant game of footy from Lukey - such precise kicking and great intercepting and rebounding.
One mark he took just outside the goal square was just fantastic. Had to take a double look to see who it was - hit it at pace and was so clean.
Would be level with Jy in the bnf behind Goldy now.

king of the road

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Aug 17, 2009
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North Melbourne
I posted this in the training thread in December:
Both Shaw and Lmac are F/S. Both experienced the pressure of playing for the club their dad played for and the pressure that goes with it... I think LMac will have a big year and surprise a few people based on the guidance from Shaw with regard to this - or he’ll encourage him to leave for an interstate club!!!

Right so far on the first prediction, hopefully the 2nd never cones true!

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