Player Watch #11: Luke "Two Dogs" McDonald - signed until end 2021

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Apr 3, 2008
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If we ever get EVW back I really hope we release Mcdonald up the field.

Because he is stagnating big time at the moment.
I thought he was performing really well until he “did” his ankle against *. He hasn’t played a proper game since that occurred. I’m hoping LMac just takes up where he left off last season.

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May 7, 2012
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Is it really just a random occurrence that he got better in the second half when our midfield grabbed the ascendancy?;)
I’ll try and word this so you don’t throw your toys out of the cot... but isn’t this the case with all our forwards/defenders? If our midfield is on top, it’s obvious that other parts of the ground will improve. I think the concern with Luke (at least from my perspective) isn’t when we are going well, it’s when the heat is on and we need people to stand up. Loses 1 on 1s, makes silly mistakes, horrendous skill errors.

There isn’t a shortage of defenders that go well when the midfield is on top.


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Apr 11, 2007
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Almost had his ACL torn trying to orchestrate the quick release onto his foot in the 2nd half

Wasn’t allowed the space and freedom to wind up ala his natural style and I grimaced as he got up okay

His weapon is his long range kicking but at the moment he can only get ball to foot quickly for short passes

I’m not against this but as a defender not being able to utilize your bail out kick is a concern

Asifhe Givashe

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Jan 14, 2020
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North Melbourne
As much attention as the time he jumped in front of Daw only to spill the mark straight into the hands of his immediate opponent resulting in an easy goal.
Does this all the time, flies for a mark, doesn’t mark it but literally spikes the ball to his waiting opponent who kicks the goal.

He is a dumb arrogant footballer who clearly hasn’t taken his career as seriously as his contemporaries.

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