Radio 1116 SEN 2021 Line-up

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Agenda 21

Team Captain
Mar 9, 2019
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North Melbourne
I remember when Bridget Duclos read the news for sen mornings. She was shocking.

But I'd rather her than April. The first time I heard her I thought it was the tramlines ******* up my frequency...

My goodness. She is horrible. She must have photos of hutchy

There's people out there that will say OMG, that's sexist.

Ummmm no, it isn't. Everybody is fair game. Dwayne Pipe, Whateley, Flogreaves, Female news-readers.


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May 7, 2009
melbourne, australia
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Shrewsbury FC
There's people out there that will say OMG, that's sexist.

Ummmm no, it isn't. Everybody is fair game. Dwayne Pipe, Whateley, Flogreaves, Female news-readers.
Definitely not sexist. She's just a horrible news reader.
Plenty of great female newsreaders. She's just not 1 of them


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 11, 2006
Democratic People's Republic of Victoria
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West Coast
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It's so funny to me that people almost give up criticising 3 hour+ shows to nitpick newsreaders.

I'm certain Hutchy would have people checking this board, it's the biggest audience from which he can get immediate, free market research. And as long as people are criticising shows, or even newsreaders, I don't think he'd care - in fact I'd be delighted, cos you're still listening to those shows.

I think much more terrifying would be the fact that no one is even complaining about drive or evenings (I don't even know who hosts evenings now), cos it suggests SEN's most hardened, rusted on listeners who wrote 600 pages on this thread have stopped listening entirely.

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Team Captain
Mar 5, 2021
AFL Club
How bad is Dwayne Russell. Get some personality or a sense of humour. He’s a f***ing robot. He never says anything remotely controversial or entertaining. His opinions are so shallow, conservative and bland. Give us something. Anything. F***ing emotionless drone. Imagine living with the bloke. Would drive me insane.

Mr north man

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Mar 12, 2016
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North Melbourne
I think Finey's Final Siren is lionised because it was the last show still doing footy talkback. I don't think it matters which station does it, I just want it back.

With that said though, it's ridiculous that a sports station won't pay a presenter to do talkback between 11pm - midnight on a Friday night. It's such easy, cheap content.
Your Talking Craig Hutchinson the $$$ he saves on a presenter means more $$$ to spend on his diet of souvlarkis from Lambs


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Apr 23, 2020
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I think you guys are going on about the new readers voice a bit too much. I didnt even see an issue til i read this thread. Plus who really gets there news from the radio in this day and age.
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Club Legend
Jun 7, 2016
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Replay of off the bench was just on. Never heard hutchy call marg darling before. Until now.
Melbourne GWS game finished at 9. I'd watched the game with family and jumped into the car to drive home at 9:05. Switched on SEN to listen to some post-game and hopefully even some talkback -- I would have listened to SEN for the entire drive home if they were doing this, regardless of how poor the presenter was or how many ads they crammed in. But no, seems like a minute after the game finished they went to an Off The Bench replay. Annoying as fu** and cheap as fu** by Hutchy. Ended up putting the ABC on where at least they did half an hour of post-game with interviews etc.

freddy mercury

Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 20, 2009
North Melbourne
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Does Gerard never work public holidays? Bloke must have it easy for the 300-400k minimum he'd be on. 3-4 hours a day Mon-Thurs, full day on the Friday as he calls the game and a half day on Saturday for crunch time + a match call.
******* lives an awesome life. Also did the cricket too.

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