Expansion 12 AFL listed Northern Territiorians

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Professor Knowall

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Sep 24, 2006
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Following on from the NSW, Qld and Tasmanian AFL player threads, here's the one for the Northern Territory for those interested. Interestingly, this is a very large reduction from the 28 I listed 10 years ago back, which indicates that Matt Rendell was only telling the truth some years back for which he was sacked (unless I've somehow missed a whole lot). Unfortunately we no longer have enough for a team or even a starting 18. It remains to be seen if the new exclusive zone academies up there will make a difference in the future. As usual, please let me know of any errors or omissions -

1 Zac Bailey Bris Southern Districts (Darwin)

2 Jake Long Ess St Marys (Darwin)

3 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti Ess Tiwi Island Bombers

4 Ryan Nyhuis Fre Nightcliff (Darwin)

5 Brendan Parfitt Gee Nightcliff (Darwin)

6 Nakia Cockatoo Gee Southern Districts (Darwin)

7 Steven May Mel Southern Districts (Darwin)

8 Jed Anderson NM Darwin FC

9 Steven Motlop Port Wanderers (Darwin)

10 Daniel Rioli Rich St Marys (Darwin)

11 Ben Long StK St Marys (Darwin)

12 Willi Rioli WCE Tiwi Island Bombers

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