Player Watch #12 Josh P. Kennedy (c) - King Kennedy, the contested possession king.

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Kennedy Parker

Jul 9, 2015
AFL Club
Other Teams
Sydney Sixers, Gold City Royals

Josh P Kennedy

Josh Kennedy led the Sydney Swans to back-to-back finals campaigns as the club’s sole skipper in 2017 and 2018, and has since led the team as a co-captain alongside Luke Parker and Dane Rampe. The top-class midfielder has compiled a glowing list of individual achievements since leaving Hawthorn for Sydney ahead of season 2010, collecting a 2012 premiership medal, three All Australian blazers and three Club Champion awards. Kennedy is instrumental to the Swans’ host of young midfielders learning their craft at the top level, including Oliver Florent, James Bell, James Rowbottom and Dylan Stephens. Draft history: 2006 AFL Draft 3rd round father-son selection (Hawthorn) No. 40 overall; 2009 AFL Draft traded by Hawthorn for No. 39 (Sam Grimley). Previous AFL club: (Hawthorn 2008-09: 13 games, 1 goal).

Josh Kennedy
DOB: 20 June 1988
DEBUT: 2008
DRAFT: #40, 2006 Father Son
RECRUITED FROM: East Sandr (Vic)/Xavier Coll (Vic)/Sandr U18/Hawthorn



Premiership Player
Sep 25, 2019
AFL Club
Numbers won't show it but I reckon his last month has been the best he's played in years
I feel that others around him taking a bigger part in the contest is helping him take a few extra moments.
Years past he would be required to win the ball and get a clearance without much help from the outside. Now he can not only rely on other boys around him to get the ball, but also outside wingers and half backs that work into the right places to receive.
On that note, he's been an incredible role player. He runs up and down, provides an outlet, is disciplined to a fault, and keeps his composure.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 5, 2009
AFL Club
We're going to miss him when he's done.

These are his stats over the last 5 weeks. No surprise he stepped up while Mills was out of the team. Shows that his game has been adjusted to accommodate Mills in the midfield, but he can flip the switch when required.

Granted, he wasn't at his best in 2020, and was looking way below his best early in the season, but he's back to his best right now with the players stepping up around him. He rarely makes a mistake, and you absolutely know you'll get 100% from him every game, and no matter how big the occasion, you know he'll turn up and perform. The ultimate team player, and a club legend.

It's been a pleasure watching him play for the club from his first game in red & white and I'll continue to enjoy the rest of his career.


Club Legend
Aug 30, 2016
AFL Club
We've had quite a few retirements where I felt really sad at the time - Kirky, Goodes, Jude to name a few, but for me personally, this is the one that will sadden me the most.
I've made no secret of my adoration for Joey and it's showing no signs of abating any time soon, so glad he's going around again next year.
Love to see him and Bud lift the cup together.

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