Senior 12. Tom De Koning

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Oct 1, 2014
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That makes for an interesting topic in that; Why can't a player be trained to get their timing right?
Since day one De Konings timing has been out. Is it not possible to re-wire the brain to better gauge the bounce and what happens thereafter?

De Konings marking isn't such a problem. Have sene him take some absolute beauties in the VFL
He was fatigued imho which contributed to dropped marks.

His ability to get into great positions is very good, you can't teach that.

He's going to be a ripper.

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Jun 7, 2003
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Nic Naitanui pick 2
Grundy pick 18
Gawn pick 34
Tim English 19

Dekoning is a cracking selection at pick 30
And apart from Natanui we could have picked any of those first, but the point being you can find more than decent ruck talent in the Rookie Draft (if you have decent recruiters) and utilise your Draft picks for the high end mid field talent available before any of the ruck selections you have indicated.
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Sep 15, 2007
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I'm sure it's been said but we should be following the blueprint of Tim English very closely with the development of De Koning. Very raw but incredibly good signs. He would probably be playing as a 3rd tall / pinch ruckman in our forward line if we didn't have so many key position talls already. Will probably come on beautifully around the time Casboult starts to decline so really nice timing there I feel.

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Jun 25, 2008
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So I’ve been loving Pitto. But TDK is gonna be something special, his athleticism and hunger are something else.
I hope they keep him in for a few games, he played well tonight and wouldn’t be dropping him for Pitto.

Once he puts on another 5-10kg and starts taking those marks he’s going to be a nightmare


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May 5, 2009
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This kid is going to be some player.

The fluency of his movement at 203cm, including his kicking action, is what catches the eye. It's his willingness to engage body contact as a ruckman and in marking contests in addition to that natural ability that you should be thrilled with. That's often the hardest part to get right.

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Nov 22, 2013
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I went and watched Tom play at Frankston for our reserves in the first year he was at Carlton.

What I liked from day 1 was his willingness to compete. He was a big, skinny kid who was playing against a lot stronger opponenet, but he kept competing. Made a lot of errors and was fatigued by the end of the game, but kept having a crack.

I noticed a huge barrel-chested man with long blonde hair standing behind me casting a keen eye over the game. I soon worked out it was Tom's dad. Looked him up after the game and saw he played 40+ games for the bulldogs. The pedigree is there.

I really enjoyed watching him having a real crack against Nic Nat, having that 15 minutes where he beat Nic Nat hands down.

I thought his game most recently against Sinclair showed how far he has come this year. Absolutely dominated him at the centre square and when the ball hit the ground; loved his follow up work.

Has a great physique for a ruckman; big shoulders and athletic.

Could be our ruckman for the next 10 years if he keeps developing the way he has been.


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