TV 13 Reasons Why

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NMK🦘 4 x 🏆 / ND🇷🇸 17 x 🏆 | 1 x 🥉
Sep 20, 2014
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Ep 2 half way through and quit watching it might get back into it but at the moment it sucks


May 6, 2005
AFL Club
Episode 1

“And take care of each other”.

Here we go.

New girl rides a bike. Bike…..foreshadowing something I think

The footy guys have bruises. What happened?? Alex too. I don’t remember anything that caused this.

Tonys father is understanding. Allows him to leave work on a whim to take care of things.

Here’s clay. Tyler. Tony. All names including the letter Y.

Bryce is missing….Another name with Y!

A bike lock. Relating to the bike we saw earlier?

Hi Nora (walker).

This is heavy

Haha lol Justin works at Monet. Love how relaxed it is

DEADPOOL 2 poster! Very contemporary.

Clays family is nice. How they took Justin in. Avo on toast for break. Abundance of fresh fruit.

Yes that’s a great idea have an active shooter drill in the coming weeks. U-S-A!

Clays tour is worth the price of admission!

Hahha bloke doest take notes!!!! New girls I very observant. I notice there’s more swearing this season. Or maybe it’s me.

Campaign strategy meeting after school. But Jessica didn’t say where. I thought that’s an important part of proposing a meeting.

Clever use of pool lights to create atmosphere.


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