Player Watch #14: Jordan Ridley

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Jun 1, 2008
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Welcome to Essendon, Jordan Ridley!

Thank you to don patch sword for this:

Team: Oakliegh Chargers
Height: 192
Weight: 79
DOB: 20/10/98

TAC Games: 16
AVG Disposals: 19.6
Goals: 9

Player Traits: Andrew Mackie, Sam Gilbert
Position: Defender/Forward

Bio: Ridley is a talented defender who started as a forward. He has great hands and is a good judge of the ball in flight. He is still very light but is strong in the contest.

Ridley has had a good year which ended on a sour note after an injury in Oakliegh's last game. He had a terrific finals series showing great composure down back cutting of a lot of entries. His hands are very good he can take a grab and use the footy quickly by hand and is a decent user by foot.

Jordan is your prototype defender where he has the athleticism to go with talls and smalls he has decent speed and can zone of and rebound better than most players in this draft. He is confident and hardly flustered with ball in hand.

I didn't have Jordan on my radar after the championships but watching his finals series had me watch him closer in the championships and im convinced now he should be a very good AFL player and i wouldn't be surprised to see him get taken early in the 2nd round.
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Zach Package

Kyle Langfourd
Sep 21, 2012
Parish, Francis
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Piggy Smith, Heat
A tall runner from the Oakleigh Chargers who is versatile enough to play in almost any position and can be moved around the field seemingly without any disruption to his play. Highly skilled, he won the kicking test at the NAB AFL Draft Combine, after averaging 19 disposals in the TAC Cup.

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