Retired 14. Liam Jones

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Oct 25, 2020
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Losing Jones this early at least gives us an entire pre season to work out our gam plan without him. Losing a player during the pre season and onwards has a much bigger negative effect on the team.

Add the fact that Voss will be changing our game plan regardless (in all areas), means it is probably the best time to lose such a key pillar in our team. It's the only positive I can see out of this from an on field prospective.

How our entire team defence is structured will change. We should never have got to the point where Jones and Weitering are forced into so many one on one's in the first place.

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Brownlow Medallist
May 1, 2016
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Pedants gonna pedant I guess! I entirely reject the premise that comparisons need to fit a 1:1 mold. Perhaps when taking an entirely narrowed legal view as opposed to one of common sense, but I don't think that's fit for purpose on a discussion board!
You're complaining about a feature of the language you're using.

You've also agreed with CJMB above who has kindly set stricter parameters for my comparison if that is necessary for you to feel contented. Let's just leave it at that.
I agreed that his version of your scenario would have been more apt, but to my knowledge no-one retired instead of going to the hubs. Stocker, on the other hand, went to the hubs and returned for whatever reason, and was back again playing last year; this highlights the fact that your comparison was not apt, and was therefore a false equivalence.

If you do not want things explained to you as though you are a child, do not object to commonplace things.


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 19, 2019
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I guess the question I have here is: will he always find the same choices in broader society?

Seems to me only a matter of time before those that elect for non vax are permitted to participate in most, if not all, activities other than in areas of health. We can't keep them cut off from society forever. We're already seeing the Feds start to push this issue and, if I recall correctly, NSW have already indicated they will be able to do many things after Dec 15 that they can't now.
Of course that will be the case at some stage. Liam and the like might even be able to return.


Club Legend
Oct 10, 2008
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Yes. Jones was forced to make a "choice".

The "choice" was retirement.

The "choice" was forced.
No, he he had a series of choices.
1- Jab or no jab.
2- If no jab, inactive list or retirement.

It was never retirement or retirement, and any attempt to spin it that way is BS.
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Brownlow Medallist
Jun 21, 2007
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I think people are too focused on the word “forced” and taking it literally to mean “the AFL forced Liam Jones to retire.”

Maybe “Liam Jones was between a rock and hard place” would have been a better expression. The league didn’t force Liam Jones to retire but as he didn’t want the jab, he was “forced” to make a decision that would have meant he wasn’t playing AFL in 2022.

Liam couldn’t have just sat back, done nothing and turned up for training on Monday as an unvaccinated player. So he was forced to make a decision that he wouldn’t have needed to make two months ago
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Team Captain
Mar 19, 2014
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Losing Jones this early at least gives us an entire pre season to work out our gam plan without him.
A good structure shouldn't focus on individuals and rather focus on roles and positions.

No doubt Jones is a loss, but if the team all play their roles and work together as a team then I have no doubt that this loss won't be as big as initially thought.

I honestly thought Jones was better when he played primarily as a lock down defender. When her began to add offensive tools such as intercepting more and trying to zone off, he became far less consistent and had more goals kicked on my him each week.

Not saying this was a bad thing as he had se really good games, but I still remember when he towelled up buddy early in his transition to defense and thought this is exactly what we need each week.

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