Player Watch #15: Atu Bosenavulagi - Pies trade Stevo, Atu, R2(39) for R2(26),R2(33) & R4(70)- Welcome to North Melbourne R2

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The Y Factor

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Sep 28, 2005
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North Melbourne
I like this pick.

Cost nothing, plays our type of footy, fills a gap as a quick attaching small forward that can pressure while still kicking goals, young, fun to watch and has already had a taste so should work hard preseason.

Boom or bust I guess but if he clicks - hell be fun to watch!

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King Corey

Jun 9, 2001
Windy Hill Safe Injecting Room
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St Johnstone
Curious about this kid. Had never heard of him and thought it was a made up name when he was first mentioned.

Has anyone watched his games in entirety or had any awareness of him pre-draft?

If he can even match a 2014 Nahas role I'd be happy enough. We've had no swooping opportunist types since Robbie and LT.


L'enfant terrible
Apr 24, 2013
inside your head
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I saw his first (?) game for the Pies where he looked pretty exciting. Was very quick. The follow up games weren’t as good, I think I saw one where he just didn’t seem to get involved.

Most skinny 18 year old kids are at least 2 seasons away from playing regular AFL, much less taking on all the strategic crap that comes along with it.

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Aug 2, 2006
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Looks the part.
I've got the faith with him. I've just got a feeling he can be way better than steak knives. Having a mate who's involved in the International footy I saw his name & watched his first game. He's got plenty of dash, and I reckon he'll just get better & better for a couple of years yet. Here's hoping anyway!


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Apr 3, 2008
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He certainly does have the Tristan Xerri serious look about him. Good to see.

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