Player Watch #16: Aiden Bonar

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Rooboys Rool

Club Legend
Jan 25, 2016
AFL Club
North Melbourne
The more that comes out on this trade the happier I am with it. Was initially against us using any draft picks / list spots on trading for players that hadn't shown much, but players from GWS are a bit different. They really do have so much talent up there, even the likes of LDU would probably only have played a handful of games this year. So Bonar not breaking into the GWS team isn't any real issue.

And it seems he wasn't overly happy up there or playing in his preferred position. So getting back home, playing in a role he wants to play / is suited to and likely more opportunities at the higher level will most likely see an improved performance from him.

And due to the fact that we have the cap space to make calls like this, it only cost us draft wise our 3rd pick for Melbourne's 4th pick in 2020 and he offers another option for a position our list needs greater depth, this trade really is all upside in my view. If he doesn't make it, only loss is another late pick or rookie this year and a bit more cap space. Most definitely worth the risk.


Apr 26, 2005
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North Melbourne
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Thewlis Dish

Brownlow Medallist
Sep 9, 2003
Five Star Laundry
AFL Club
North Melbourne
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If he is so highly rated why did he not get any other serious suitors? Surely other clubs could afford his contract? There must be some significant doubts on his perceived ability to have an impact at AFL level. The market is a great indicator of perceived value.
Okay gokangas

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