Player Watch #16: Aiden Bonar

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Jul 5, 2010
Moist island
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Many posters on here were made to look like fools after Pittard's 2019 form. It's a bad time of year to make strong calls, especially about guys who haven't even pulled on the jumper for us.
I was one of em, I crucified him after his mediocre first 2 months.. then, he stopped coughing up easy ones and therefore made me eat my words, which I am more than happy to do

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Kanga Glory

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Nov 1, 2010
arden st
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North Melbourne
Will be very interesting where he will be played or will he play in positions as a stop gap.
Should be given a chance in the hit and giggle games to show his best in his best position. It’s the only way to see if he will be ok.


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Oct 23, 2014
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I get that, and I love him.. but he was a sniper
A majority of his hits were fair game then. He very rarely gave away free kicks for his hits, let alone get rubbed out (at north anyway).
It might be my definition of a sniper, but I see a sniper as someone who does hits behind play or cheap shots. Pickett’s hits were mostly in the vicinity of play for the world to see, which I don’t think is the role of a sniper.
I think you need to consider the era of the game before dishing out players as “snipers.”

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Aug 21, 2012
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Yeah I get your point but Nutjob has summed up my view well. In the era Choppy was not a sniper, he played within the rules albeit with brutality.

They changed the rules as a result and his style was lost to the game. Probably necessary for health and safety but to the detriment of the game IMO. Zurharr and Jed are similar to Choppy in playing fair but hard.

A sniper is not someone who delivers a hip and shoulder in a contest to win the ball, it’s a scumbag like Lewis or Matty Lloyd who elbows some in the back of the head behind play in an obvious cheap shot. Cunners gut punches are closer to the mark (I wouldn’t consider him a sniper BTW).

Good bloke Hodgey and Chris Judd both had multiple on field indiscretions that were despicable while Choppy, LT and Ziebs have all been slaughtered when playing within the rules, and often been the instigation of rule changes. It’s a disgrace. Where’s my tin foil Christmas hat?

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