Player Watch #16: Archie Perkins - The new Poster Boy

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Moderator ❀
Dec 14, 2015
AFL Club
Training and expecting to play forward.
What position have you been training in mostly?

“I’ve been training in the forward line. If I’m lucky enough to get a game, that’s where I’ll be playing. The forward line these days is still quite involved with getting higher up the ground and there’s even a few forward roles which require you to start up at the stoppage and get involved there and then work hard back into the forward line. I’ve been training in a few of those positions regularly.”

Is that the position you see yourself playing in regularly, or would you like to move into a midfield role?

“I think I can play forward really well, and I’ll always have an impact down there as my career progresses. At some stage I’ll certainly look to transition into the midfield as well and develop that side of my game. But I think that having the versatility to do both is one of my attributes and makes me the player I am.”

Is there anyone in particular who’s taken you under their wing this pre-season to help you improve?

“Probably our forwards coach ‘DJ’ (Daniel Jordan). He’s helped me with my positioning, where I’ve got to set up and the different roles I’m playing as a forward. Also ‘Robbo’ (Cameron Roberts, welfare and development coach) has been a stable guy to go to if you’ve got any queries. Not only forward-line things, but anything you need to know or want to ask questions about, he’s pretty good to have and he’s been really helpful for me.”

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Club Legend
Jun 27, 2014
AFL Club
Well we share a tracksuit, we’re going to have to share boys too.

... this sounds like we’re a pair of twin sisters who are arguing over the popular boy at school
Claiming him.

Muh boi.
Yes - you have definitely both chosen the hot guy

Personally I had a great chat with Nik Cox in the library while we were both doing some extra physics homework and I can’t stop thinking about him.

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