Player Watch #17: Jasper Pittard - "Jasper IS the game"

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Didn't get Luke Jackson NMFC :(
Mar 23, 2001
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I'm now kicking myself for not showing Jasper my drawing when he walked right past me on my visit to Arden St.

I didn't wanna bother him as he was obviously leaving to do whatever. Now that I know he's a top bloke he probably would make time for anyone.

Ah well, maybe someday.
Is this your picture of Hutchy, Juddy, Jasper streaming out of the backline and you on a skateboard?..


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Apr 21, 2017
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Apr 8, 2010
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If he is injury free, got at least another 4 years at the top as he doesn't play in the gut. Hopefully Higgins will be moved into more of a permanent forward role to prolong his career like Ablett. Higgin can play til at least 35. In the middle, Anderson is starting to look more like the leader of the pack with his aggressive and constant attack on the ball and he can kick goals. LDU is starting to find his feet and will be a monster in the middle soon. Cunnington is your center clearance monster and is not prone to wear and tear hence he will have at least another 5 years. The departure of scott very much cleared the way that was becoming stagnant and now the team is coming together nicely with a return to the long kicking but also improved tackling and pressure act. We have found the blueprint to success, it's very simple and a great fit for our team in that we are still a rather blue collar unit. The gameplan we saw on Friday against richmond is what i classify as the 'brutalist' style in that we will try to physically attack the opposition legally and threat physicality we will reduce the effectiveness of the opposition's supposed skill superiority. Our historical strength has been our ability to be in close and physcial, Shaw is exploiting it to the fullest and also we got big forwards, so kick it long to them quick is a path to success.
Few monsters in the team now...



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Jul 24, 2015
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The Steak Knife.

What a great nickname for the great man!
I have a friend who has a stone age knife made out of jasper that he found on his property down the road. Its an amazing and beautiful piece of work.

It is a good nickname, that knife is sharp as and you could use it for a steak knife.

However ...

This is the JASPER 2 Stage Gun. Its housed at the The Joint Actinide Shock Physics Experimental Research (JASPER) Facility in Area 27 (just down the road from the legendary area 51,) inside the Nevada National Security Site in the US.

Any knife attached to a gun automatically becomes a Bayonet.

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