Player Watch #17 Will Gould - Pick 26

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Kennedy Parker

Jul 9, 2015
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Sydney Sixers, Gold City Royals

Will Gould

Player Profile

A hard-running key defender departed South Australian club Glenelg for the Sydney Swans at the 2019 AFL Draft, joining the club via pick 26. Will Gould averaged 21.5 disposals, 4.5 marks and 7.2 rebound 50s per match as South Australia’s captain in the 2019 AFL Under-18 Championships, a glowing campaign resulting in back-to-back All Australian selection. He also averaged 19.7 possessions, 5.2 marks and 6.5 rebound 50s per match for Glenelg in 2019, while he recorded a match-high eight rebound 50s in his side’s SANFL Grand Final victory over Port Adelaide.

Will Gould

DOB: 14 January 2001
DRAFT: 2019

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Sep 5, 2016
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Welcome to the Bloods Will.
Ht 192cm, Wt 106kg, DOB 14/1/01
From Glenelg/South Australia

DRAFT PROFILE Bio, stats, highlights and more

The brutish half-back with a long kick and powerful body will be one of the most interesting players to follow on draft night. What you see is what you get with Gould, and his achievements have been terrific: he's a back-to-back All Australian and he played in Glenelg's senior premiership this year. Some clubs wonder about his role at AFL level as a third tall defender, but the Suns are known to be fans and could look at him at this point of the draft.


Tall defender who captained his state showing composure and on-field leadership in big moments. Strong overhead and a fine contested ball-winner, he reads the play exceptionally well and is a prodigious kick. He had an excellent 2019 AFL Under-18 Championships, averaging 21.5 disposals, 4.5 marks and 7.2 rebound 50s to be awarded All Australian honours in consecutive years. He also played senior football all year at Glenelg, averaging 19.7 disposals and 5.2 marks.

Via TheWhiteRhino
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MC Bad Genius

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Apr 15, 2008
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Dragons FFC

Go to 19s... I love him already
Love a strong, fair bump like that. Also, I particularly liked that there was no remonstration for the hit. The opposition players just went to the ball carrier and encouraged him for wearing it. None of the faux tough guy shtick that happens at AFL level.

Wayne Swan

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Sep 9, 2013
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Absolutely stoked with this pick, should have been top ten on his resume but clubs wavered. Played a significant role in the SANFL premiership and an outstanding leader.

Laughing now that KB told him he'd never get drafted with those skinfolds! Has knuckled down after that losing weight and pre season will see him transform.

With his natural ability and significant games at senior SANFL level against men I'd be surprised if he's not a R1 debutant. Draft steal


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Aug 19, 2003
Seaford Meadows, SA
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Beast. Could have played AFL this year frame wise. Ignore his weight that was after getting smashed drinking piss after winning the SANFL GF. Big country boy, same town as Fogarty. He'll be more the late 90's in kg's so you haven't drafted michellin man. Natural leader, powerful kid, big booming kick and reads the play like a book back there with interepts,the consmate general in defence. Captain material and will fly the flag. Had him at #10 on my board, only slid due to his lack of perceived upside and his 106kg and skinfolds testing.

Cross between Shannon Hurn and Heath Grundy

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