Player Watch #18 Callum Sinclair - extended until end of 2021

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Kennedy Parker

Jul 9, 2015
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Sydney Sixers, Gold City Royals

Callum Sinclair

Player Profile

Callum Sinclair was traded from the West Coast Eagles to the Sydney Swans ahead of season 2016 and has since played vital roles as a key forward and ruckman. Over his first two seasons at the Swans he played primarily as a forward as Kurt Tippett and Sam Naismith carried the ruck load, but the retirement of Tippett and Naismith’s ACL rupture left him with the chief ruck duties in 2018 and 2019. That was until he dislocated his right shoulder twice in Round 15, an injury that ended his season. Sinclair banked a stellar 2020 pre-season campaign and has a burning desire to play every game at the top level this year. Draft history: 2013 Rookie Draft selection (West Coast) No. 12; 2014 AFL Draft rookie elevation (West Coast); 2015 AFL Draft traded by West Coast for Lewis Jetta.

Callum Sinclair

DOB: 23 September 1989
DEBUT: 2013
DRAFT: 2014
RECRUITED FROM: Beaumaris (Vic)/Port Melb (VFL)/Subiaco (WAFL)/WCE

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cinderella man

Premiership Player
Feb 8, 2008
port melbourne
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Stoked we are getting sinclair. I kniw alot are arguing he is not a traditional first ruck...but guess what neither was pyke and he won a flag.

He is competent in the ruck, a very good contested mark and a decent forward. Very good get

And runs like a midfielder opposed to a galloping rhino. Goldstein like and if he turns out to be 80% the player Goldstein is he will do the job the club need him to especially with Tippett relieving him for spells.

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