Player Watch #19: Nick Hind

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Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 23, 2016
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Don't think is necessary to compare, Saad was a fantastic player for us and we got well compensated for his departure. There were some bad habits, but as a team our forwardline didn't give him much to work with.

Hind has been a pleasant surprise, appears to have improved his all round game since he played for our VFL side; kicking, defensive work, team play and decision making have all shown growth whilst keeping his speed. I think we all assumed he'd be one of a few options for that HBF slot, we probably didn't expect him to be so clearly best-22 in that role.

Hind seems to be reliable with ball in hand, using his pace at the right times offensively and defensively and looks to spot up his teammates as a first option instead of trying to run and carry the length of the field.

We finished 2020 having lost two of the best running half-backs in the game, and appear to have found a player in Hind who is going to go a long way to covering the loss of one of them.

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May 6, 2007
South East Suburbs
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This might be true, but watching Saad without wearing the rose-coloured-glasses it is amazing the amount of times his scintillating runs end with him just throwing the ball on the boot. Hind seems to be purposeful about his attacking runs and doesn't seem to care how many running bounces he has, as long as the ball goes to an Essendon player in a better position.

Saad being one of our 'best players' may have been perpetuating a problem.
They essentially do the same with Hind lowering the eyes whereas Saad blazes.

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Mar 5, 2021
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He's way better than Saad! Saad just blazes away and then bombs it or kicks it straight to the opposing team, I'm honestly way happier with Hind (So far)


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Jun 27, 2014
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comparing Hind to Saad is like comparing Daryl Hall to John Oates.
Hmmmn. Let’s unpack.

Saad left because he wanted to be a rich girl but is now at least a bit out of touch.

Certainly no electric blue*

Whereas Hind’s kick is on my lips. Because his kick, his kick, I can’t resist. Because his kick is on my list of the best things in life.

*yes, John Oates co-wrote that

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Phat Toni

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May 5, 2008
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Regardless of the Saad comparison on who does what better the fact is Hind doing a very similar job to Saad for half the price!!! Sucked in Carltank.
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