1989 Fightback Legends match at Skinner Reserve


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May 17, 2004
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Thought a break from the elim final and today’s 2 lots of bad news were in order, so wanted to briefly hark back to this game.

I was there, and wrote a player list down of those I knew, but can’t find it.

So I’m wondering if anyone happens to have a full player list, and even any photos of the match.

This is an excerpt from the Wikipedia entry for “Fitzroy Bulldogs”:

“A legends match was held between a team of former Footscray players and a team of former Collingwood players on Sunday 22 October at Skinner Reserve, which drew a large crowd of 8,000 to see Footscray 11.5 (71) d. Collingwood 9.11 (65).”

Players I remember lining up:
Bissett (swapped teams during the game!)
Not 100% sure but think Power, Casey, Stoneham and Welsh, maybe Mick Egan.

For the Pies, I remember Phil Manassa, and being the great clubman that he is/was, Bluey Hampshire rucked all game in a Collingwood jumper - poor bloke was stuffed, and I think a lot of the crowd didn’t appreciate what he did.

Any other memories?

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