1st Test New Zealand v Australia Feb 29-Mar 4 0830hrs @ the Basin Reserve

Who will win?

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No really, why? Why should the best batsmen be at 3 and 4? This is some "conventional wisdom" s**t that's not really based on anything.

Green is a slow starter who builds into his innings. Batting at 6 put him under pressure from the get-go and made it difficult for him to play to his strengths. Green at 4 allows us to field the strongest batting lineup we can, because Smith has shown he's comfortable opening, and Marsh is obviously at his most comfortable at 6.

Head is a bit of an enigma at the moment but there's no pressing reason to move him from 5 (unless Smith wasn't going to open, in which case I think he'd have been the best alternative opener to replace Warner).

Well you want the best batsman some protection from the new ball but want them batting high enough to give them the longest time at the crease possible, that's why I'd say.

But yeah Marsh is an ideal 6 for me, I like Head at 5 (don't open with him pls) and Green is great at 4. We really need to find an opener though.

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Meanwhile, you don’t understand why you’ve been diplomatically dropped from a side you play in?
Can’t understand why you’re not wanted in an actual starting X1?
Can’t understand why selection committees don’t long and lengthy have discussion around your greatness.

All talk and bluster

Hello stalker, another post full of shit so good work, keep it up, we’d hate to see you post anything interesting or factual and ruin your character.

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