Player Watch #2: Jaidyn Stephenson - Pies trade Stevo, Atu, R2(39) for R2(26),R2(33) & R4(70) - Welcome to North Melbourne

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Jul 24, 2015
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Is Jack Mahony practicing the waltz?

see see

And don't forget the joker...
May 30, 2007
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North Melbourne
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Deportivo Wanka
Is Jack Mahony practicing the waltz?
Air guitar.


Jan 28, 2004
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North Melbourne
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MVFC, Storm, Everton, Socceroos
He was probably mentally preparing to answer questions on Buckley's marriage break up and McGuire's departure.
Looking forward to the double page spread with Connor Menadue’s thoughts re the Hardwick’s split.


Club Legend
Apr 12, 2007
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Firstly, he looks great. Really healthy physically has a little more meat on his bones than he has the last 12 months. The blue suits him.

With regards to the interviews, I feel for the guys. There is only so many times they can say, ‘we’re really excited’ which must be the comms directive from the club.

Jaidyn doesn’t mind stopping himself mid-sentence and thinking of what he really wants to say. He’s impressive and will be a good person for interviews moving forwards because he does think of interesting things to say and he has an interesting back story/perspective.

shinboner magic

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Apr 17, 2007
melb home of the kangas
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North Melbourne
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Trying to maintain low expectations, but gee it’s difficult to see how Jaidyn won’t be successful.

- Smaller club - Less ego ✔
- Rebuilding club - Lower outside expectations ✔
- Group of talented kids coming through with him - Less spotlight ✔
- Has been called a lazy trainer - Point to prove ✔
- Balanced head coach - Let him be himself ✔

It’s pretty exciting.
If he starts off slowing the pies fanbois in the media will lay into him.

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